VOX Baby Monitor – Voice Activated Baby Monitors

The very 1st time I heard the phrase VOX baby monitor (meaning voice-activated) I was really curious. I recently came back from a conference discussing parenting and how to cut back on EMF radiation occurring in one’s baby nursery. Every since that time I’ve had a huge interest in lower EMF based tech that has never gone away. I discuss this in many of my reviews.

While I didn’t walk away with any sort of degree in RF based radiation, or even VOX baby monitors, I can say that after a long 4 years of reading, learning, and doing tons of research into the lowest radiation baby monitors that are also the best around that I have tons of advice in this field.

First, a quick answer to an often heard question:

Just what is a VOX (Voice Activiated) Baby Monitor, Anyway?

Well, a voice activated baby monitor just means that this is a monitor that can go into a sleep mode. This feature puts the device to sleep while your baby sleeps/isn’t making noise while in their crib or anywhere else. Once the VOX feature becomes active the baby monitor is no longer “pulsing” or giving off any radiation. Once the baby cries or makes noise then you get an alert so that you can check on your little one. That’s what the VOX mode, or voice activation, means.

Any VOX based baby monitor will only ever become active if the baby is making sounds/crying and requires you to check on them. After it is active many baby monitors may end up simply sending the voice on the parent unit (audio only systems), while other video based devices might record or show a live stream of the video to a parental unit or your smart phone.

The Best VOX Baby Monitors (Sound Activated Baby Monitors)

Angelcare VOX Baby Monitors

Angelcare AC701

Angelcare AC420 VOX Baby Monitor

Angelcare AC527 Vox Baby Monitor

VTech Baby Monitors with Vox Mode

VTech VM5271 with VOX Feature

VTech VM3252 With VOX Feature

VTech VM351 with VOX Feature/Mode

Samsung VOX Baby Monitors

Samsung SEW-3037

Samsung Wisenet SEW-3043W

HelloBaby VOX Baby Monitor (3.2-inch)

Summer Infant Baby – Glimpse

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor

MoonyBaby Video Baby Monitor

While there are certain baby monitors that will let a parent turn off the VOX mode, others do not. If this VOX mode happens to be turned off, then the baby monitor will simply always be on/always be recording. There are certain baby monitors that do constantly record all the time that have been the subject of a lot of criticism due to their higher levels of emissions and from consuming more electricity. There has even been a petition in Canada that was sent in that asked for all DECT based systems to be banned and replaced with VOX baby monitors and other alternatives that are safer baby monitor choices

So, to sum up, it’s always a good idea to make comparisons of the emissions that baby monitors are putting out. You can get this by reading a SAR report that they send in to the FCC. Doing this will help you see the emission levels to make sure that your chosen device is meeting the suggested limit of radiation exposure.

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