The Best Multi Room Baby Monitor for 2 Rooms 2018 – 2019

The Best Multi Room Baby Monitor for 2 RoomsIf you have a family with more than one baby you will find a baby monitor designed for two rooms is very convenient. The majority of monitors are made to monitor only one room. Because of the different choices, as well as configurations and functionality, it can be a confusing process for new parents to choose the right one. As well, most parents will find that while one model will be perfect for one couple, it won’t be as good for another.

All reviews of these cameras made to be multi room are designed to help you make the right choice. As parents, you might have twins or you might have had two children fairly close together and we’ll cover monitors for those situations.

Device NameWeightMax RangeCameras 
5″ HD by Project Nursery 9.6 ounces
800 feet
Includes 1
Check Price
DRX 8 By Infant Optics (Editor's Choice)2.05 pounds
700 feet
Includes 1
Check Price
Motorola MBP 36s-2 2.7 pounds
Includes 2
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What Is Needed When Using A Baby Monitor Designed For Two Rooms?

12 Features It Should Have

1.DECT Protection

To ensure the monitors have a high level of security, you should make sure that it has this technology available which will encrypt and encode data that is delivered from the transmitter to its receiver. This technology also prevents the interference of other electronic devices such as microwaves, tablets, and phones.

2. Long Range

It is highly recommended that when getting a baby monitor that you get one that is long range. There are many things that can interfere with the transmission such as distance, walls and other areas of interference and a monitor that is made for long range will perform better. Ideally, it will have at least a range of 1000 ft.

3. Quality Night Vision

It’s not uncommon for many digital cameras to have a degraded picture quality when filming at night. To avoid this issue you should get video monitors that are made with quality night vision technology.

4. Choose Digital And Not Analog

Baby monitors with digital technology are more expensive than the analog versions but the sound quality is considerably better. The digital technology is also more secure because an analog system simply uses radio transmissions which can be picked up by most anyone. Usually, a digit monitor will not need WiFi and this reduces the chance that it would be hacked.

5. Split Screen

Multi-room baby monitors with split-screen functionality are by far the best. This system will allow you to monitor more than one room at the same time or even make use of different cameras in one room at the same time. Some of these will work on a 5 Second cycle and the most high-quality ones will have sound activation that will show you the most relative information.

6. Fixed And Mobile Receivers

It’s recommended that you get a system that has multiple receivers such as one that will be placed in a room in a fixed position and another mobile system that you’re able to carry with you around the house. Another way that having more than one monitor helps is if there’s another person who can assist with monitoring.

7. Sound Activated Lighting

Some good quality baby monitors will have lights that blink when sound activates them and this lets you know that there is some type of activity going on. There may be times where noise prevents you from hearing an alarm and the ability to see the flashing light is great. Some examples, you could be running the vacuum or listening to a TV show, or your spouse might have some friends over watching the ball game and making noise.

8. Save Battery Power

A good quality baby monitor will have a power saving mode that turns it off when it senses there has been no activity over a certain amount of time. This same system will turn on automatically when necessary or when sound activated.

9. Display For Room Temperature

Most parents will appreciate the ability to keep up with the baby rooms temperature to make sure that it is maintained at a level comfortable for their baby. If you’re not in the room you can’t feel the temperature but a quick glance at the monitor and you’ll be able to know instantly what the temperature in that room is. In an emergency situation, it might even play a part in helping to save your baby’s life.

10. Large Display

2018’s top video monitors will come with a 3 inch or larger display. Anytime you have 2 to 4 cameras which is common with baby monitors that have split screens, then this is the size you’ll need.

11. Battery Indicator

It’s important to know the strength of your battery so you’re aware of when it’s getting low. A good baby monitor will have an alarm system that lets you know when the battery level is below a certain point and needs to be recharged. The power needed for video monitors will mean that batteries will be used up more quickly. A battery with a longer life is obviously more convenient.

12. Zoom, Pan, And Tilt

There are times and situations where having zoom, pan and tilt features are very convenient. Sometimes you might want to take a very close look at your baby while they are sleeping. Other times you may want to take a look at the room.

2 Room Monitor Reviews

#1 5 Inch HD Baby Monitor By Project Nursery

5 Inch HD By Project NurseryAnyone that’s wanting one of 2018’s top of the line video baby monitors will want to consider this model by Project Nursery. Because of the price of the system, you will certainly be expecting to get something with all the top features so let’s take a look at what it comes with.

The 5-inch screen is very nice and receives Progressive HD in 800 by 640 format. It’s not as great as your nest cam or your cell phone but it’s still a good resolution. The installation of this system is extremely easy. The cameras come with monitors that are already paired. All you’ll have to do is to place them where you want and turn them on. You won’t have to worry about setting it up with Wi-Fi or the chance of hackers hacking in.

As you would expect with a quality system like this it has the split screen feature. It comes with the ability to have as many as four cameras and these can be set up to cycle through each one or to have them all monitor together at the same time. This model comes with the unique feature which is a one and a half inch mini monitor that can be worn on the wrist or clipped on and even attached to a key ring. When using this tiny monitor you’ll be able to walk around without holding it in your hand and yet you can easily monitor the baby’s room.

The system has a two-way radio which means you can talk to your baby and view the mini monitor. This also helps in case of a situation where you want to tell another person that’s helping you monitor to come to the nursery quickly. It also has a feature that allows you to put in an SD card and record any video.

There is a highly useful icon menu interface. It makes this unit easier to use than others. With all these high-quality features it’s by far one of the best dual baby monitors in 2018.

#2 DRX 8 By Infant Optics

Parents who have children that are closing in age or that are twins like this monitor a great deal. It comes with lenses that are interchangeable and can be used in conjunction with smartphones. The lenses can zoom and view in normal mode as well as the ability to get wide-angle lenses as an optional feature. This means that parents that want to customize their system, can. The zoom lens is useful for newborn infants who mostly sleep and the wide-angle lens is highly suitable once they start to move around.

A basic purchase of this item will come with one camera but there is an option to add up to three more. It comes with the ability to pan and zoom and of course tilt. There are features to help you know for sure that the battery is on and working and can be active for 6 hours, or up to 10 when in power save mode. If you choose to go audio only, it will further extend battery life by 50%.

The DXR 8 comes with two chargers which is handy if using more than one camera. They also include a USB charger for those who wish to use that method of charging. This has a line of sight of up to 700 ft and an out of range alarm. It also has a two-way talk system which is useful as some babies will respond and be comforted when they hear their parents voice.

#3 MBP 36s-2 Multi Room Monitor By Motorola

MBP 36s-2 By MotorolaThis motorola monitor comes as a 2 camera system and has the option of upgrading to 4 cameras. It has a range of 600 ft and comes with a high-quality night vision feature. It has a better than usual split screen feature which sets this system apart. When you’re monitoring children in different rooms you can have one on the large display and the other in picture. The sound, however, will only come from the big picture.

This model has a remote controlled zoom and pan and tilt feature. For this reason, the camera doesn’t have to be fastened to a wall and you can actually carry it around with you as you move through the house. It has an overall range of 600 ft. This model also tells you what the temperature of the room is. Some parents don’t like the lullabies but by having it included allows parents to choose their personal preferences.

I hope this has helped you on your quest for a multiple room monitoring system. Please don’t hesitate to drop a comment or shoot us an email if you have any questions about any of the devices listed.

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