Best Swing Sets for Older Kids

Everyone can recall the immense amount of fun being had as a child swinging, be it at the nearest park or at home. It’s a fun activity for children like no other that allows them to be completely childlike and free of any cares in the world. Going back and forth over and over is a wonderful feeling, made even more fun when you have friends joining in on the swinging all day long, which can add to their social development.

Everyone should have the experience of sharing swings, and in the follow review my goal is to show you which things you have to choose from, and which option will be the swing that fits your needs the best. We’ll look at different features, benefits, and a few other points. While there’s a ton of info to go through, I’ve only included the best sets out there, and ones that I believe are worth your time and money. These are what you should be looking into buying, and will provide your older kids with a great swing set that they’ll always remember fondly.

best swing set for older kids

Swings for Older Children – The Top Options

There are obviously a ton of different kinds of swings, and deciding on the specific swing that you feel is right for you can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve listed what we believe to be the absolute best swings, factoring in features, pricing, and of course which is the most fun for your kids when they’re in a swinging mood!

Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Swing Set and Play Center

Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Swing Set and Play CenterThis is a great swing that has a play center included with a lot of play options. It has tons of those many consider essential for your kids to be able to enjoying playing in the backyard. It comes with some really great, main features such as 2 swings, a ladder and a rope ladder, a slide, 2nd floor for extra fun, a basketball hoop, and an optional glider.

Made with being safe in mind, there are no harder edges as they are all rounded off, and it is considered extremely safe for your older kids.

This is a very well put together set that holds up well, and is simple to assemble once you invest the time. It’s a great one to put together while your kids watch in unbridled eagerness. With 2 swings it’s a great one for children to be able to swing at the same time, not to mention the slide if anyone wants to go down while the others swing. There will be no arguments and screaming matches here with all the options available.

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

A wonderful double swing, this also has a trapeze right in the middle along with 2 gym rings. It’s a great option for 2-3 kids to be able to play on at a time for a fun day in the backyard. The design itself is extremely well built with a metal frame, which means it should last a long time. Since they have safety in mind there are rubber grips on the chains, and the harder edges are either covered up with caps or are rounded off.

While it is a more basic swing set, the price also reflects that as it is more affordable than some of its competition. Sure, there’s less pizazz, but it’s a great set with lots of fun. The instructions are straightforward and setup is a breeze.

Swing-N-Slide Tremont Tower Play Set

Swing-N-Slide Tremont Tower Play Set
This is a higher end play set that comes with two slides, two Swings, a glider, a picnic table, telescope and a climbing wall. Definitely one of the pricier sets that are in this article, but that does not mean you won’t be getting plenty of bang for your buck. This is a great swing set for your house, and if you can afford it trust me it is an awesome purchase. Be sure to see what some of the other people on Amazon are mentioning as there are plenty of positive reviews. Just another great sign that this is a solid purchase for those moms and dads looking a top of the line swing for their children.

Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set

Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set

A wonderful set for your children, this lets as many as 4 of them enjoy themselves at a time. There’s plenty of room for swinging (2 of them), sliding down the mini crow’s nest, or playing on the monkey bars. The rope for the swing can be adjusted for any age, and yes that includes parents who want to have a fun swing.

This is a good looking swing made of metal, and it looks great in plenty of yards. There is some assembly, but it’s fairly straightforward and simple to make use of. If you need your kids to play outside more this is a solid purchase.

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat

A great option for kids as well as those of us who still want to act like a kid, this outdoor swing works great for those looking for something simple that is still a blast. You can very simply attach this to a frame that is made of wood, and the swing itself is made with a very sturdy metal that is sixty-six inches long.

The chain itself is coated with a specific plastic that is yellow in color. This helps to prevent any pinching of fingers/skin when your child is swinging.

This seat can hold as much as three hundred pounds, and is very easy to attach to another swing set or jungle gym. Because of its simplistic nature it is super easy to put together, and is a great option for those who aren’t great at do it yourself projects.

M & M Sales Enterprises Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin

M & M Sales Enterprises Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N' Spin

As one of the highest rated swings out there, this is a great choice for anyone out there. More than 1 child can use it at the same time. It has ropes that can be adjusted, and the seat/base is thirty-nine inches wide, which make this a great swing to have in any yard.

The weight max on this goes up to six hundred pounds on this outdoor swing, which means dad or mom can swing with their kid all at the same time. This specific model type (the web riderz swing design) can both swing and spin, which gives an extra fun surprise to the standard swinging experience you usually get from a more traditional design.

It has a very big frame made of steel, and it is extremly safe and bound to the rope for the swing. In an ideal situation you could use the metal frame outdoors or use it by tying it to a tree. Standard suggested age range for this swing is from three up to fifteen years old.

Outward Play Holt Wooden A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set

Outward Play Holt Wooden A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set

A swing set that is great for your backyard, this is a very simple, great looking wooden set with 2 seats. Both children and parents alike love how simple the design and functionality is. Your kids can swing with their friends all day long, and enjoy playing in the yard during the summer. In addition to the wood it also contains a powder coated steel that will stand the test of time without blemishing or rusting.

It comes delivered pre-drilled to make assembly a cinch. It also has ground anchors to anchor it to the ground to make sure it is as safe as can be for your kids. The height of the swings can be adjusted so that it stays a great height no matter how old your kids get.

Highly recommended for pre-teens and teens, it is the perfect fit for those age ranges. This because the majority of older children in these ages end up wanting just a swing with no frames/slides that younger children are drawn to.

Rope Kids Swing Sets – The SkyCurve Hanging Platform Rope Tree Swing for Multiple Children

SkyCurve Hanging Platform Rope Tree Swing for Multiple Children

Great fun for more than 1 child at a time, this hanging platform rope tree swing is constructed well, and is made with steel and a resistant fabric mat. It is capable of holding as much as four hundred pounds. The supporting frames and the rope itself make it a great choice for siblings and friends to have fun swinging on together all at once. The frame itself is so strong and stable that it is easy for kids to grab onto while sitting or standing. The seat itself is made of mesh and is very comfy for sitting, not to mention safe for swinging of course!

Putting this kids swing set together is very simple and easy to do, and it comes with a 60″ x 32″ platform that hangs.

Gorilla Playsets Outing Swing Set with Wide Climbing Wall, Swings and Yellow Slide

Gorilla Playsets Outing Swing Set with Wide Climbing Wall, Swings and Yellow Slide

An extremely popular highcrest swing set that does well for plenty of kids and their friends all at once. They’ll be free to have fun outside playing with this awesome structure. It has a cedar wood finish that is great looking, and there are plenty of seats if your children need to take a breather. It comes with a monkey bar and 2 swings; all of which are tons of fun and can be adjusted.

The Gorilla Backyard Children’s Discovery All in One has tons of space on the upper deck, and is great to look at with fun green and yellow colors. The slide itself is a solid eight feet tall, which is a blast to go down without being dangerous for your kid. The kid’s rock climbing ladder leads up to the platform and the slide itself, so there’s tons of fun to be had once they can hit that rock climbing accomplishment!

Best Budget Option

The absolute best swing in terms of the price and your kids still being able to have tons of fun outside is definitely the Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set. It’s an amazing value, too, as it can entertain as many as four kids all at the same time! They’ll all be free to swing as long as they like, monkey around on the monkey bar, or head down the fun slide over and over.
Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set

Best Choice Overall

Having reviewed such an enormous amount of these swings, I can honestly say that the Outing Swing Set from Gorilla Playsets is definitely the best choice. It is a great set with tons of options for older children to enjoy and swing, slide, or hang on. Great for the younger kids too, of course!

Definitely made to stand the test of time, this is built as a heavy duty play set. It will require little to no maintenance over time, and isn’t likely to crack or break down. With all the things it comes with like the rock climbing wall, gym rings and monkey bar, telescope, swings, ladder, and more, honestly it will provide hours and hours and hours of entertainment for your children. Definitely more pricey than other sets, but well worth the cost since it provides the most fun for your kids.

Gorilla Playsets Outing Swing Set 2

Hanging a Swing from a Tree – Setting Up Your Kids Swing Sets

While there are several different options for setting up your swing, and while there are plenty of various wings out there, there are several things that are the same for all swings when it comes to attaching your swing to a tree.

Points to Think About

Size of Brach: Shoot for something at least eight inches in diameter. A horizontal branch is best here.

Condition of Branch: Make sure to learn the difference between dead wood and a healthy tree branch. Often you can find that there is an infestation under the outer bark of the tree, so be sure to dig in there and make sure the tree branch you’re using is in good shape.

Type of Tree: Those hardwood trees that are super sturdy are among the absolute best you’ll be able to put a rope on. Other solid wood trees such as oaks are great options, too!

Plenty of Room: Ensure there is plenty of room to swing! You’ll want a minimum of six feet out from the tree’s trunk to avoid any accidents from swinging into the base of the tree.

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