Snuza Pico – Review of This Baby Monitor in 2018 & 2019

Wearable technology has turned into a favorite to check on an infant’s wellness while they’re sleeping.

The Snuza Pico is a wearable baby monitor for infants similar to the Hero that clips on a diaper using a clamp and utilizes sensors to track your child’s abdominal moves. Some might see it as having more info than some parents out there might want, but for all those parents that grew up addicted to their phones, it may be a natural means to look after their babies.

The Packaging

The device arrived for our review in easy-to-open and attractive packaging. The charging cable and case were instinctive and took a very brief time to completely charge prior to use. It is convenient that it is using a mini USB interface, therefore if this ever went missing, it could be substituted easily. I’d personally prefer that the cable plugged into the Snuza rather than going through the casing since that’d be just one less thing to keep tabs on in a home filled with kids running around everywhere.

What it Does

Made to lighten the psychological load of overwhelmed, new parents, this is a little device that monitors the infant’s breathing and flows the data directly to mommy or daddy’s smartphone with the usage of their program that you download.

Parents can use this with their telephones through Bluetooth Low Energy. It is said that it is possible to track your infant or restrain the Bluetooth LE’s functioning area, which is a few hundred feet in an open area, but it may not reach all of the way throughout the interior of a massive residence that is filled with tons of walls.

Using the Pico App

The Snuza program itself was easy to locate and download. I am really thankful that the business provides both an Apple and Android variant so that multi-platform families can get the program. Needing to register on the site before using the program looked like an unnecessary measure, but wasn’t all that tricky. The enrollment was relatively painless, but I needed to have the confirmation email delivered several occasions before getting it and finishing the registration.

I wish they provided more advice on the maximum and minimum alert configurations similar to how the Owlet does. I didn’t know what breathing amounts I must be worried about, which is certainly a concern for many parents. More advice would have been valued. Rather, I Googled the data that I had and placed the device as it should be placed.

The Battery

Snuza asserts the battery being used will endure for a week without needing a recharge. A representative from the company indicated that you would have to plug it in to recharge every couple of days.

When being used this tracks an infant’s breathing, motion, and how they’re positioned. After the device does not feel any belly motion for fifteen seconds, then it is going to send a vibrating alert in an effort to get your child to move a bit.

The Alarm

The alarm functioned as described. When my infant’s breathing level dropped under my set minimal level, an alarm appeared on my mobile phone. Each of the alarms had to be addressed by me manually to ensure that you won’t miss any of them accidentally. I wish there was a method for the telephone to be in a position to be further from the device itself and still work. The projected range was considerably less than advertised, but I am sure it changes based on how your home is setup. Reconnecting if you go too far away is as simple as pushing a button. Though maybe this is not suitable particularly when it’s beeping at you as you are attempting to put your little one back down.

Snuza intends to establish a subscription service to go along with this device, providing users of this program with full histories and charts of all the wearable steps, in addition to reports of just how well the infant sleeps. It is said to cost $9.99 a month, but will probably have discounts for multi-month payers.

In general, we are very happy with all the things that the Snuza Pico does. It is small and simple to use. The program performance is excellent, but the phone has to be too near the infant in my opinion. The breathing observation apart from the program proceeds to provide peace of mind, however. Even though the occassional false alert does happen, they were few and far between.

Editor's Rating

Editor's Rating

Battery Life

10.0 /10

Sound Level

8.5 /10


7.5 /10

Alert System

9.5 /10


  • Fully Customizable Settings
  • Monitors in Real Time
  • Very Long Battery Life
  • Great Alert System
  • Easy App


  • Disconnects from Phone Easily
  • Comes Off Easily if Not Well Placed