Comprehensive Philips Avent Babyphone Review

The Philips Avent BabyphoneOne of the best baby phones that I have used is the Philips Avent Babyphone. I believe that within the current baby phone market, this particular product is the best option for many parents around the world. I think in terms of value and technical usefulness, this product has it all. I think that many people can make the process of parenting a lot easier if they use products such as this. Hence, with this in mind, here is my comprehensive Philips Avent Babyphone review.

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Energy Efficient

The first thing that I noticed about using this baby phone is the fact that it has tremendous energy efficiency. Lots of people forget the importance of having good levels of energy efficiency when it comes to products like these. After all, there is no point in using a baby phone throughout the night if it runs out of battery within a few hours. Not only is this ineffective in ensuring that the baby is monitored, it is unsafe as it means that the condition of the baby cannot be looked into once the battery runs out.

Hence, when I was searching for new baby phones, I knew that one of the biggest features that I would be looking for would be high levels of energy efficiency. I wanted to ensure that I could use the product from the point when my child goes to sleep until when my child wakes up. I certainly didn’t want the battery to run out in the middle of the night. Thankfully, with the Philips Avent Babyphone, I was never concerned about the battery running out due to the great energy efficiency features that have been implemented into the product.

The first night that I used the baby phone, I was quite apprehensive as I wasn’t too sure about just how energy efficient the phone would be or how it would compare to the Avent SCD630. Because of this, the first night, I slept right next to my child while still using the baby phone so I could ensure that it would have enough battery to last through the night. To my pleasant surprise, I realized that not even half the battery was consumed throughout the entire night, which was close to eight hours. Ever since then, I have had confidence in the fact that the product will be able to last throughout the night, allowing me to sleep in another room.

Accurate Room Temperature Monitoring

Another fantastic feature of this baby phone is the fact that it provides reliable and accurate information about the temperature of the room my child is currently in. There have been many studies that have shown that children and babies are particularly sensitive to room temperature. Room temperature that is deemed uncomfortable for a child can cause them to adopt bad behaviors and have bad moods. Hence, I wanted to ensure that my child was as safe and comfortable as possible, wherever they were in the house. Thus, being able to monitor temperature through the Philips Avent Babyphone was a great thing for me.

Throughout the day, I would be able to slightly adjust the temperature in the room that my child was sleeping or playing so that they would be the most comfortable. Research shows that human body temperature, whether as an adult or baby, changes throughout the day. For example, body temperature is at its highest in the afternoon, and lowest in the early morning. Thus, in order to maintain the comfort of my child, I would have to constantly adjust the temperature so that it would match this natural body process. Using the baby phone, I was able to quickly measure when it was time to adjust the air conditioning within the room which my child resided in.

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Good Sound Monitoring

In addition, another fantastic feature of the Philips Avent Babyphone is the fact that it has sound lights which showcase whether or not there is a baby or child making a sound in the room in which the baby phone is placed. This is very important for me as it allows me to check whenever my child is crying, especially during the night. It is critical for parents to be aware of whether their child is crying during periods such as the night so that they can either provide food or comfort during such a situation. The thought of not being there when my child is crying is terrifying, thus having the sound light feature on the baby phone to ensure that I’ll be there whenever this happens is immensely relieving.

The thing about the sound lights of the baby phone that I find ingenious is the fact that the lights will glow stronger if the sounds in the room are stronger. This means that the intensity of crying or any other kind of noise that is being experienced within the room where my child is can be understood easily. Once again, this is a tremendously useful feature as it allows me to gauge how much distress my child is in when they start crying. Particularly, whenever the sound lights start to glow very intensely, I know that I need to be with my child immediately.

Strong Signal

The home that I’m currently living in is quite spacious. Hence, when I first got the Philips Avent Babyphone, apart from all of the other features discussed, I was very much concerned about whether or not the baby phone would have enough connectivity throughout the home. I wanted to ensure that even If I was outside in the backyard, I would still be able to listen to my child who was in a room quite a distance away. Thankfully, this was the case with this particular baby phone. I had used baby phones in the past, however, I have used a baby phone with such great connectivity as this phone.

The fantastic thing about the strength of connection that is witnessed through the Philips Avent Babyphone is the fact that it provides me with lots of flexibility and peace of mind. As mentioned, I could be doing a bit of gardening while my child is sleeping, while still being able to monitor them effectively. Hence, it gave me a lot of space to do other activities during the times that my child was sleeping, which has certainly been very enjoyable. At the same time, knowing that I can monitor my child wherever I may be throughout the property has given me peace of mind knowing that if something happens, I can quickly be there for my child as soon as possible.

Great Pricing

The pricing for the Philips Avent Babyphone is very reasonable. Many parents often have a lot of difficulties getting the best mix of price and value when it comes to these products. This is because there is a huge variance in the prices that are being asked in order to procure these baby phones. The prices can range for less than one hundred to up to a few thousand. Considering we didn’t have an unlimited budget for this product, we were very happy with the amount that we paid for the phone, considering all of the benefits that have been discussed.


Overall, I think that the Philips Avent Babyphone is the perfect phone for any parent. As mentioned throughout the article, every single feature about this phone is impressive. Everything from the fact that it is highly energy efficient, to the fact that it has great connectivity, it really is the perfect baby phone for a parent. Any parent that wants to ensure that they can monitor their child as efficiently and safely as possible should seriously consider purchasing this magnificent product.

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