The Motorola MBP36s Digital Video Baby Monitor – Best Review in 2018 & 2019

It can be hard to find the right device for your needs, especially when companies keep coming out with new devices every year. Luckily, following on the MBP33’s massive success, Motorola has launched the new Motorola MBP36S, which is the newest version of the company’s top-selling video baby monitor. Trust me when I say it is a significant improvement on the previous model. The model is now a best seller on major retail sites such as Amazon. Some of the great features that the MBP33 offered have been taken by the latest model, and been enhanced to provide you with an even more advanced device for you to use and love.

Below we’ll be going over the features that the Motorola MBP36s monitor has, and evaluate their functionality and level of quality. Feel free to skip ahead to the rating below, or check pricing if you’re in a hurry (there are 2 buttons below for that).

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Great video quality.Short battery life.
590 feet
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Alert system for everything.Flimsy power cord. Our Rating

This newer monitoring unit is an excellent investment for all of the new parents who want to keep a close watch on their babies while they are sleeping. Most families these days lead very hectic lives and that doesn’t come to an end with the arrival of a new baby. You might have children already who need to be looked after, and you have your hands full caring for their needs. This particular unit allows you to carry the monitor with you as you are doing chores around the house, or you can place it next to you when you are sitting down and relaxing.

During the summer you can even take the monitor with you out into the garden and still keep a close watch on your baby due to its long range. The video monitoring unit provides parents with the peace of mind they need to know that their baby is safe in their crib as they are sleeping.

Key Features of the Motorola MBP36s

So let’s check out the great features that this video monitor actually comes with. That way you can see if they meet all of your requirements. I am pretty confident that they will be met with ease. This monitoring system leads the market and offers some of the best features available, after all. Let’s dive right in.

3.5 Inch LCD Color Screen and Infra-Red Night Vision

The Motorola MBP36s Digital Video Baby MonitorThere is a very impressive 3.5 inch LCD color display on the parent unit of the Motorola MBP36s that provides you with very sharp pictures both day and night. There are very clear infra-red pictures that enable you to view even the smallest objects and movements inside the room. If there is a sound that wakes you up during the middle of the night, you can instantly check on your baby by looking at the screen, instead of needing to get up to go check their room. There has been a slight increase in the standing screen display screen size from the previous model, and that makes it much easier to view from a distance. It is definitely an excellent feature.

Audio Activated LED Lights And Clear Sound

The audio that gets passed from your baby’s unit over to the parent unit on the Motorola MBP36s is crystal clear and encrypted for security. If a small noise is picked up by the monitoring unit, it comes through the parent unit speakers, and also lights up five LED lights in order to alert you of the sound even when you are unable to hear the monitoring device itself. This is a great audio set up. If you are watching television or listening to music and are unable to see the screen or hear the noise, the LED lights coming on will alert you and you can then go check on your dear little one.

2.4 GHz FHSS Technology

This monitor has a very large range. If you were to measure out 200 meters, you would be surprised at how far that is. Most houses and gardens combined do not come anywhere close to being 200 meters in length. So most people will be able to use this model and work in their homes and gardens without any problems. If you begin to get out of range the device sounds to inform you that you need to move closer to continue receiving a signal from the unit. A powerful 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless connection powers this to provide you with excellent quality that won’t drop off.

The Motorola MBP36s has Two-Way Communication

With two-way communication available on this baby monitor, you can keep an eye on your babe, and also speak to him in his room. If your little one isn’t settling down to go to sleep and needs to hear a soothing voice you can talk through the parent unit, and your child will hear it coming out of their unit’s speaker. That means you don’t need to go into their room to calm them down to get them to sleep, and instead you can talk to them until they gently nod off. If that doesn’t work five lullabies are built in that can sing to your baby until he or she falls asleep.

Remote Zoom, Pan, And Tilting

The model goes one step further compared to the previous model. It not only allows you to zoom in, but you can also remotely pan and tilt its camera. The parent unit can be used to move the camera up and down or side to side to get the camera in perfect position for monitoring your little one. Babies have a tendency to wriggle around a lot while they are sleeping, and it can be difficult to predict where they will end up so this is a very handy feature that allows you to keep your child in sight of the camera. It is easy to use the zoom function and provides a very clear picture at all times no matter how much you zoom out or in.

Video Quality

You can check out some of the many videos on our YouTube channel to see the Motorola MBP36s device’s quality in action around the house. Once you have read our review you will understand how well this unit could work for your family, and how it can provide you the peace of mind you need knowing your dear little one is safe and sound while they are sleeping.

Very Sharp Night Vision

In the dark, a very sharp and clear night vision with infra-red picture is broadcast on the Motorola MBP36s. A couple of people have said they are able to see their child’s eyes open and are able to see even small details inside of their child’s room. That is very important since it will be dark most of the time that you are using the monitoring device (nighttime). The sharp picture means you won’t need to keep a light on in your child’s room.

Useful Zoom And Panning Camera

Having the ability to move the angle of the camera as your baby is moving has proven to be a very popular feature as can be seen in the customer reviews of this monitoring device. Most babies don’t stay still in one place while they are sleeping, so this is definitely a great feature to have. Many of the other monitoring units that are available in the market have just one position, which gives this device a big advantage over much of the competition in the marketplace.

Very Clear Audio

Many users have noted that the Motorola MBP36s system has very clear audio, and even the quietest movements and noises can be heard. A few people have mentioned they are able to hear their child breathing through their parent unit. This really comes in handy if you are unable to watch the video as you are busy doing other things.

Excellent Signal and Range in Large Homes

The Motorola MBP36s standing screen display size.Another great feature that has been noted by some customers is that the device has excellent signal strength and range in large homes over multiple floors. Similar to WiFi signals, there is a concern that they could drop out due to thick walls and obstacles. However, this model has a large enough range to allow it to work over large distances and in very big houses.

Could Have A Longer Battery Life

The battery life on the Motorola MBP36s is one downside to this specific model. It is one thing that some people don’t like about it. Given that this device is very high quality, it does take lots of battery power to operate the parent unit. Some people have complained that it needs to have a longer battery life. However, you can charge it as it is working. Therefore if you plug in the unit overnight in order to charge it, you shouldn’t have any problems. A wireless device such as this that delivers very high-quality images does use lots of battery power.

One Of The Market’s Best

Many people who have purchased and have owned other systems that have video in the past have not been pleased with their performance. However, this particular unit has been rated as one of the very best they have used and most are very happy with it, as you can see in all the positive reviews of the device. That is why this monitoring system has become one of the market leaders in this space.

Final Thoughts on the Motorola MBP36s

Motorola has come through once again. They have launched another amazing product into the marketplace with the Motorola MBP36s. It was a tough act to follow after introducing the MBP33 with all of its rave reviews. However, the MBP36S took all of the great features of its predecessor and added even more. It is a very versatile camera that provides great clarity of sound and picture. You can change the camera angle, as well as zoom in as you are monitoring your child without any problems from its parent unit.

The Motorola MBP36s is ideal for busy people since three different sensors pick up movements and noise. These are the audio lights, audio, and video. At least one of those will get your attention so you don’t miss anything. For your baby’s safety and your peace of mind, this is an excellent investment and will last you for a very long time. You won’t be limited on where you can use this unit since due to its long range, either!

Editor's Rating

Editor's Rating

Picture Quality

10.0 /10

Sound Quality

9.5 /10


10.0 /10

Battery Life

8.0 /10


  • Monitors Temperature
  • Very Clear Night Vision
  • LED Alert System
  • Two Way Audio
  • Pans, Tilts, and Zooms


  • Limited Battery Life
  • Power Cord Can Break Easily