Maclaren Techno XT Stroller Review

The Maclaren Techno XT StrollerThe Maclaren Techno XT is by far one of the most well known and used umbrella strollers currently available in the marketplace, and is definitely my favorite thus far! So, why does everyone seem to love this as much as they do? Well, it’s a strong and sturdy stroller, it has fantastic maneuverability, and has a compact fold. The wheels are made of hard rubber, are six inches, and it includes all wheel suspension for a comfortable ride across both bumpy sidewalks/roads and the mulch of a playground. The frame itself is narrow with a smaller foot print, which allows it to easily be guided through tighter areas like elevators that are small, store aisles that are more narrow, and inbetween parked cars in a crammed parking lot with no issues at all.

It comes with a one handed recline lever for the overworked parent, and has 4 different position options that include a near flat option for newborn babies. If your little one is taller than average you’ll be sure to enjoy the canopy can be adjusted to mvoe up and down the frame to allow for enough head room for any kid. While we’re on the topic of the canopy let me point out that the one that comes with this is gigantic! It can expand in the back to show one more panel, and comes with a sunvisor that pops out for additional shade over your sweet little one.

The seat will accommodate a child and is quite roomy. Babies can extend their legs that are small . Even though there’s absolutely no travel system alternative, you may use it with a carrycot for a toddler that folds to the chair (sold individually ).

Your moderate size diaper bag should be match by the basket . At the rear of the chair Maclaren inserted a pocket for storage. It is fantastic for small essentials such as telephone, wallet, or keys. Tall and very tall parents may adore elastic handle bars (that are very uncommon from the umbrella strollers) which move from 42″ around 44″ in the floor. The fold is streamlined and straightforward. If you try, you can fold it. The attached strap makes it suitable for transporting. It weighs 15 pounds, which is a mean weight for a umbrella stroller.

Because I believe it’s all you need in any umbrella stroller, I gave it a fully positive review. The main features for me are maneuverability, simple and deep recline . Checked! I feel this is a top excellent version that will last you years. The buggy’s drawback is that the cost can be a bit high for some. However you get everything you paid for at this price point. You are able to get the Techno XT 2016 in six colors that are beautiful, not to mention that it includes the rain cap.

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Top Features

  • -Great canopy. It is a moderate size but includes a zipper at the back to expose yet another panel and contains sunvisor to offer more security. The panel has net windows which allow to get in on a hot summer day. This canopy is loved by me! Among the greatest canopies on the umbrella stroller. It’s situated on the canopy and for 2016 they have upgraded the window and has a magnetic closure.
  • -Roomy seat. It’s 13″ broad with 18″ seat rear along with a dimension of 26″ in the back of the chair to the very top of the canopy. This is very high canopy, however should you’ve super tall kid you can slide up the canopy the framework giving up your child to 30″. This is only one of the canopies in the marketplace! A child can be accommodated by the chair . The chair comes with an upgraded lever to recline. The recline has 4 places including nearly a horizontal one appropriate for a toddler. The chair is vertical in the position if you’re thinking about. The seat fabric is machine washable, which is after travel excellent. I also really enjoy the broad side”barriers” on the chair offering more side support for a younger kid. So that it’s a plus BTW umbrella strollers possess side obstacles.
  • -5 point harness. It has thick adjustable harness having a difficult to get parents but simple to to unlock buckle for toddlers. To unlock the buckle that you want to push on it in precisely the exact same moment in the front and the rear. The straps are thick and lasting (not standard for an umbrella stroller). Enjoy it!
  • -Adjustable leg rest. It’s two places: down and up. Fantastic feature for infants.
  • -Adjustable handle bars. It’s two positioned grips coated with cool with rubberized. The handle bars are situated 42″ in the floor which will be just 1 ″ taller than many strollers. Adoptive parents will probably be pleased to know you can correct them to be taller up to 44″ in the floor. How cool is that? Not umbrella strollers have handle bars.
  • -Storage pockets. There are two storage pockets at the rear of the canopy which you could use for essentials. Due to the form of the pockets you may set your child’s bottle in there. I enjoy that they have an elastic substance in the centre which allows it to expand to fit things.
  • -Moderate size basket. You certainly not going to have the ability to go grocery shopping. The basket regarded as big to get an umbrella stroller, but I’d say it moderate. You are able to fit a small to moderate size diaper bag in it. The availability is OK provided that the chair do not recline. As soon as you recline the chair, fantastic luck. It can be a great umbrella stroller holder.
  • -Wheels. It rolls 6″ hard rubber wheels which are marginally bigger compared to Maclaren Quest version. The wheels are swivel but may be secured. The maneuverability is wonderful! It can manage playground mulch sidewalk, roads and grass . It does the job, although it’s not an all-terrain stroller, therefore you aren’t likely to receive a ride moving on terrain. I have tested lots of umbrella strollers and Techno XT is 1 lever other umbrella strollers above all when it comes to terrain and maneuverability management. I could direct it. In addition, it feels really hardy if you zipping on a street that is rocky.
  • -Suspension. The suspension absorbs the bumps which makes the ride more comfortable for the little one. Remember, this isn’t the sort of suspension it is far better than nothing, although you make it on a jogger.
  • -Parking brake. It’s two brakes that you step on – one per wheel to lock each one where it is. They are not friendly for those wearing flip flops!
  • -Easy one-hand fold. It’s a normal umbrella fold you could do with a single hand, but you probably would not because to engage the automated lock you need to bend all of the way down to the floor which will be hard to do using a kid on your palms. It is doable. Due to handlebars and the wheels, the fold is significantly bigger compared to the Quest version.
  • -Carry handle. You may use a transport handle for simple transport and loading After folded. You can carry it, as it weighs just 16 pounds.
  • -Headhugger Insert. Also comes included for you. It also comes with some shoulder pads for when you’re using this with a younger baby.
  • -Rain cover. Comes included for you.

The Bad Stuff

  • -This model is not travel system capable. The Techno XT model isn’t made for use with an infant’s car seat like the Techno XLR version of this is. The XLR version also comes with a weight limit of sixty-five pounds vs fifty-five (it can carry 10 pounds more).
  • -Has a higher price point.

Review Video

Below is a wonderful video overview of the product itself:

Exact Specifications

  • Weight Limit: 55 lbs
  • Stroller Weight: 15 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 42.5″L x 15.7″W x 16.5″H
  • Handlebar Height: 42″ – 44″
  • Seat to Canopy Height: 26″ – 30″
  • Wheel Size: 6″
  • Total Length: 26.4″
  • Total Width: 18.9″

Full Warranty

The company Maclaren does provide a complete, lifetime warranty from the original date of purchase. Please note, though, that you have to be the original owner of the system. Read more about the warranty right here.

Where Can You Buy?

By far the best place to buy any strollers, not to mention most other things you need for your baby, is Amazon. They will typically have the best prices, shipping is free, they cover free returns, and there is usually no sales tax. Pretty spectacular! Available in 3 different color options, you can get the Maclaren Techno XT through them by clicking here. It will ship with a cover for the rain and the often standard insert headhugger for infants that use it. For the ability to have a travel system and a weight limit that goes up to sixty-five pounds I’d suggest reading our review of the Maclaren Techno XLR.

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