Levana Baby Monitor Reviews

Looking for a review of the different types of Levana baby monitors? We’ve got you covered. Listed below we go over the 3 best models from this brand, and list their features and any potential issues for parents. One you finish with this article you’ll easily know which one you want to buy. Let’s begin!

Device NameWeightMax RangeMax Cameras 
The Astra 1.6 pounds750 feet
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The Alexa11.2 ounces500 feet
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The Ayden (Editor's Choice)1.6 pounds750 feet
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The 3 Best Levana Baby Monitors This Year

#1 The Astra

There are many impressive features on this monitor, including multi-colored LED lights for letting you know what your infant is doing and a rechargeable battery. In power-saving mode this battery can last up to 48 hours.

The Astra is a fully functional and impressive baby video monitor. It has an eight-hour battery life, which is better than what the standard is, and the power-saving PEEP (Power on/off Energy Efficient Picture) mode on the Astra enables you to extend the battery for as long as 48 hours, which is very impressive. The pan/tilt/zoom full-range camera provides coverage to all corners of your child’s room remotely through the use of the monitor’s controls.

Two-way talk is one of our favorite Astra features. It enables you to calm your dear loved one down from another room before you reach your child’s room. That feature is becoming increasingly common among the top video monitoring systems since manufacturers realize how important it is for parents to feel connected on various levels whenever they are unable to be in the same room that their child is in.

One of the unique features that this monitor comes with is multicolored lights that inform you visually with what is occurring with your baby, even when the volume is turned down. There are colored lights that will alert you – red when there is high volume yelling, yellow with a cooing level, and blue if your baby is whispering.

Its 750-foot transmission range is very impressive, and outshines most of the competitors, and that includes the DXR-8, too. That allows you to monitor your baby continuously from anyplace in the yard or house without transmission strength being lost.

The setup is very easy and quick, and you can start monitoring your baby in just a few minutes after you take the monitor out of its box.

The company’s customer service is yet another strength of theirs. Not many baby monitor manufacturers provide live chat, but this is one of the very few that does. It is very helpful to have live chat operators available. There are online PDF manuals available as well for the company’s child monitoring products along with several dozen pages worth of useful information that will help you with installation and make good use of the features on the device. This is, of course, in addition to troubleshooting problems that might occur.

The Astra monitoring system comes with many excellent features. With its pan, tilt and zoom camera abilities and PEEP mode 48-hour battery feature two-way talk feature, the device does a bit of everything. It’s isn’t the most cutting-edge baby monitor available in the marketplace, but this multi-functional baby monitor is still well ahead of most of its competitors.

#2 The Alexa

This basic video monitoring system features good audio and video quality to make it one of the better ways of watching your baby.

The Alexa is among the leading monitoring systems to keep an eye on your dear little one due to the fact that it provides you with very clear audio and video on the parent unit. The remote pan, tilt, and zoom camera features also provide you with control over what you can see inside the nursery. There are also some fun options included, such as being able to record video and take snapshots from the monitor, to allow you capture those moments that you might have missed otherwise.

There is rarely a perfect connection between the monitor and camera, but we had a lot more success with this model than failure. At times the video was slow, and occasionally the audio was out of sync with the movement. However, it wasn’t a frequent occurrence. Another thing that we noticed was a constant hissing sound coming out of the monitor, although it wasn’t any more noticeable than other white noises. We could also still hear low sounds such as whispers over the hum. There weren’t any issues with low resolution on the small screen. There isn’t picture-perfect quality, but you are able to make out the details.

As many as four cameras can be added to the monitor to keep watch over your child’s nursery, as well as a playroom and third and fourth room so that your parental reach can be expanded remotely. Keep in mind that these additional cameras don’t allow for a split screen. Also, the monitoring device allows you to control the camera right from the parent unit. The camera can be moved up and down, to right and left and zoomed in and out. You can take video and snapshots right from the Alexa monitoring unit to catch all of those adorable moments that occur while you are away.

The parent unit is a combination of a touch panel and button control. The solution isn’t the most intuitive, but after a while, we did get used to it and could use the touch panel to navigate the menus and use the buttons for making our choices.

Setting up the Alexa is very easy to do. In our test, the connection between the parent monitor and camera was nearly instant. The thing we had the most trouble with was the touch panel. We didn’t take to it immediately due to where the buttons are located. Devices typically rely on either a touchscreen or physical buttons, but rarely both. When we were testing it we tried pressing the menu buttons many times as if the entire screen was touch-sensitive.

There were more than a few times when the connection between the parent unit and camera was lost. We had one test where we got the video baby monitor set up and the parent unit fully charged in order to test the monitor’s battery life. The PEEP function enables you to turn the monitor’s video off, which then activates whenever your baby cries. In our test, we used the option and then made noise intentionally inside of the room where the camera was every two hours over an eight-hour period of time. The microphone is very sensitive to the point that it even picked up ambient sounds so that it kept the monitor on for longer periods of time, which resulted in battery only lasting for six hours.

In our range test, we separated the camera and the monitor by 149 feet before noticing a serious degradation in audio and video quality. The company claims that the Alexa can be used as far away as 500 feet from the camera. However, this is without any obstructions like metal frames, floors, and walls.

We did occasionally run into some problems with the monitoring device and camera on the Alexa, but it didn’t happen often enough to make it a real problem. For the most part, it does work consistently and does very well when it does work. It has good image quality, and although the audio is marred by white noise at times, it is sensitive enough that even whispers can be picked up.

#3 The Ayden

This nice little monitoring system has nearly everything you could possibly need for monitoring your toddler or baby and keeping them safe. Definitely our favorite from this brand, the Ayden offers 3 preset lullabies, a 48-hour battery, a temperature sensor, x2 zoom, IR night time vision and 2-way communication.

  • 3 present lullabies are played.
  • Maximum 750-foot range
  • Temperature sensor
  • Zoom in to get a closer look
  • IR night time vision
  • 48-hour battery life in standby mode
  • 2-way communication

The 2-way communication allows you to talk to your baby whenever he wakes up, to calm him down if he is upset and hear your voice to know you are coming. It is a great feature for a baby monitor to have since you can talk to your baby or sing even when you aren’t in the same room with them.

IR night time vision

The monitoring system’s s 4 invisible infrared LEDs provides you with ultra clear images of your toddler or child in the dark from as far away as 15 feet. The model doesn’t come with any distracting red LED lights to keep your child away. This allows them to sleep soundly as you are watching over them throughout the night.

Temperature sensor

There are some parents that discover that they would like their baby monitor to have a temperature sensor feature, while others don’t think it is very useful. No matter what your feelings are, there is a temperature sensor available if you would like to use it.

Overall the Ayden baby video monitor from Levana is a nice small unit that is quite popular with most customers, given the extensive positive reviews. The signal stays nice and strong since there isn’t any interference from any 2.4 Ghz devices (like WIFI and internet TVs).

It provides clear images and has good night vision. Overall, this is a great unit to use at home.