Cybex Priam Stroller – An In-Depth Review

The Cybex Priam StrollerPlenty of strollers in the marketplace are thought of as being stylish, but only the Cybex Priam stroller is thought to be worthy of being on a runway. We’ll get to that below in just a second.

We have to remember that having a baby means a life full of responsibilities. However, as parents, we do love to full fill these responsibilities at all possible costs, and why not fill them in style?

To provide the best to our babies, we buy plenty of baby items. The market is filled with items that make it easier for you to care for your baby. One such item is a baby stroller.

When you have a small kid having a stroller is a must. Strollers are meant to provide better convenience and comfort to your kid while traveling. It helps you to easily move your baby around. With this efficient product, you don’t have to carry your baby all the time.

Back in the days, baby strollers had a very basic design. But over time, today, we have advanced strollers. It has been improved and is packed with more features to provide convenience to both the children and the parents. If you are here looking for the best baby stroller then we would suggest you check out the Cybex Priam Stroller. This is one baby stroller that has been designed for most of the other models out there.

If you want to know more about this model then you should read out our Cybex Priam Stroller review below. We have covered every important aspect of the stroller in our review.

About the Cyber Priam Stroller

Side viewCybex has recently launched their new baby stroller model called the Priam. This luxury baby stroller is extremely versatile. You can customize it to suit your lifestyle. This is one of the rare strollers that come with multiple sets of wheels and seats. You get three different types of wheels along with two types of baby seats. Apart from that, the stroller has many add-on options as well. However, you need to buy them separately.

The Cybex Priam is a luxury, high-quality stroller with updates that place it above the rest of the models out there. It is designed to give you function and form both in abundance. Other than numerous features, the stroller is also packed with an elegant design.

The ergonomic hinged seat allows your little one to enjoy a comfortable ride at all times. The best thing about the stroller is that you can use it even for babies who are just born. It comes with an extra-large hood which can be extended according to your needs. It is designed to provide shade under the sun. Not only that but it blocks wind and rain as well. Even the harness buckle is designed to give the stroller a hi-tech feel.

With the lux carrycot, this could be the perfect stroller for the new-born babies. The ventilation panel ensures proper air circulation around your baby. This allows your baby to sleep peacefully and also assure his/her safety. The stroller also comes with a second cot, the lite cot which serves as a great alternative option.

Considering the features offered with the Priam, there is no doubt that this is one of the best baby strollers out there. For many of you, this may appear to be quite an investment but it is worth. This high-end baby stroller is meant to last long. If you are looking for the best quality baby stroller in the market then Priam Stroller from Cybex could be the option for you. Hopefully, our Cybex Priam Stroller review is helpful for you.

Features of the Cybex Priam Stroller

This luxury baby stroller is packed with lots and lots of features which makes it special from the rest of the strollers in the market. This is one of the top-rated baby strollers you can get for your baby. Before you plan to buy the stroller, it is better for you to first learn the features. To help you out we have listed all the important features in our CybexPriam Stroller review.

Extra-large canopy

If you are one of those parents who love to spend maximum time outdoors then this could be the perfect option for you. Most parents are scared to take their babies out in the day because of the weather. But with this extra-large canopy to shade your baby you are good to travel with your little one.

The canopy comes with two large panels that can be unzipped down to the bumper bar. This provides full coverage from all the outdoor elements. With this baby stroller, you don’t have to worry about the sun rays hitting your baby’s face. The canopy also comes with a peek-a-boo window in the back.

From the very design of the canopy, it can be said that it has been designed keeping in mind the need of the parents and the baby. You can comfortably carry your baby in the big stroller while the extra-large canopy protects your baby from all the bad outdoor elements.

Double seat option

This baby stroller is indeed special as it comes with two baby seats. You can use any of the two according to your needs. There are very few models that have such features.

The first seat option is the luxurious seat or the lux seat. This is a reversible seat that comes with a one-handed lever recline feature. This is mainly meant for infants and new-borns so that they can lay on their backs. It allows them to take a peaceful nap while you are still out strolling or running errands. You find the same feature even in the parent-facing mode. This seat is suitable to use with a baby from birth to 38 lbs. the good thing is that the seat is very comfortable and soft. It is a tall seat of 23″ with enough space.

The second option that you have is the 2-in1 seat. This one too comes with the one-hand recline feature. But it is still different from the lux seat. That’s because it can be converted into a bassinet. You can use this for your infant or new-born. Once your child starts to grow, you can replace it with the seat. However, the seat doesn’t go flat like the lux seat. Also, it doesn’t have any additional padding or adjustable leg rest.

5-point harness

The stroller is also equipped with a 5-point harness which is not only easy to adjust but it is also fully padded. The center release buckle of the harness can be unlocked easily.

Large storage basket

When traveling outdoors with your baby, you need to carry a lot of stuff with you like a water bottle, diapers, feeding bottle, etc. For this, you need the stroller to have a large storage basket. In that case, this could be the ideal option for you.

The basket has enough storage space and can be easily accessed from the back. Not only that but it also has a magnetic closer that prevents the items from falling out. It can easily accommodate a large diaper bag and other necessities. If you are at the shopping cart then you can even use it as a cart.

Adjustable handlebar

You also get an adjustable handlebar with the stroller. It comes with a soft faux leather cover. You can adjust the telescopic handlebar from 39″ to 43″ from the ground. This feature makes it easier for tall parents to move the stroller around.

The handlebars come with attached run-away straps. This is particularly useful when you are going down a slope. For example, if you are traveling down a hill with your baby then this feature can prove to be useful.

Bumper bar

The stroller also comes with a bumper bar. It is also made with soft and comfortable faux leather. The bumper bar is removable and swing-away.

Adjustable leg rest

Another great feature you get with the stroller is the adjustable leg rest. This comes with the lux seat while the 2-in-1 doesn’t have this benefit. This allows the baby to place their feet on the covered seats and thus, cleaning becomes easy.

Custom wheels

One of the highlighted features of the stroller is the custom wheels. It is designed in a way so that you can adjust it according to your needs. You get three different types of wheels free with the stroller. This includes all-terrain wheels, trekking wheels, and lite wheels. You can use any of these wheels depending on where you are going.

The light wheels are meant for flat surfaces. The trekking wheels are good for hybrid surfaces. Lastly, the all-terrain wheels are meant to be used for rugged terrain and walking trails.

The wheels are made of never-flat hard rubber. This means you don’t have to worry about getting a flat tyre. Also, the front wheels are swivel however, you can lock them.

Rear-wheel suspension

The rear wheel suspension helps in absorbing the bumps on the road. This is meant to make the ride smoother for your baby. so if your baby is taking a nap while riding, he/she doesn’t have to get disturbed from the bumps on the road.


If you are planning to hit the beach with your baby, you already have an idea of how hard it is to pull the stroller over the sand. This is where the two-wheel mode proves to be helpful. It helps you to easily drag the stroller without having to remove the seat. This feature can also be useful when you are rolling up the steps.

Ski Attachment

It is hard to believe but the stroller comes with a ski attachment. So if you reside in a cold area or visiting a ski resort then you can replace the front wheels with ski attachment. This option is no doubt great. You will not find a single product in the market that offers you such a feature. Also, it looks amazing.

So these are the main features to expect from the Priam Stroller. The stroller comes with a high price tag but considering its features, the [price is worth it. also, this is a highly durable stroller that is meant to last long. If you get this stroller then it can last for years till your baby grows up.

Who is the Cybex Priam meant for?

Most families consider the price of the stroller before buying it. That’s because once your kid is grown up, you won’t need it anymore. Therefore, buying an expensive stroller is just a waste of money for many.

But as far as Priam is considered, it is indeed special with all the top-class features it has. This could be the perfect option for growing families. Once you get this stroller, you don’t have to buy any other even when you get your second baby.

If you are willing to provide the best comfort and luxury to your kid then this is the option for you. There are no other strollers in the market that can currently beat the quality and performance of Priam. Now that you know the features of Priam, you can consider buying it, instead of wasting your money on any other non-durable product.

Benefits of the Cybex Priam Stroller

This stroller is a high-quality baby stroller meant for luxurious families. By getting this stroller you can enjoy several benefits which you will not find in any other model. The main benefits of using this luxury stroller include:

  1. This is one of the finest stroller models you will find in the market. This is a high-quality baby stroller meant for luxury families.
  2. It is packed with numerous features which makes it all the more useful for the parents.
  3. The stroller is meant to satisfy the needs of the parents while keeping the comfort of the baby in mind.
  4. It comes with a large canopy to protect your baby from the outdoor elements. You can carry your baby outdoors without any tension as the extra-large canopy will keep your little one safe from the weather.
  5. The stroller is provided with customized wheels which makes it highly convenient. You can move the stroller easily on any surface you want. It has three types of wheels options to choose from. You can use any of the wheels types to accommodate your lifestyle.
  6. You also get two seat options with the stroller. Both the seats have special features that make it ideal for your use.
  7. It also looks very stylish which makes it more appealing from the other strollers in the market.
  8. It is also safe and comfortable for the baby. It is designed in a way that your baby can even take naps in it while having a smooth ride.
  9. This is one of the durable strollers you will find. If you want your baby stroller to last long then this could be the perfect option for you.
  10. This stroller is suitable for babies from birth to 38lbs.

From the above points in our review of the Cybex Priam Stroller, we know that this is one of the best you can get. This stroller has more features than you could have asked for. With this stroller, you never have to worry about carrying your baby in arms all the time.


No product, no matter how high-quality they are will have zero cons. just like any other baby stroller, even this one has a few drawbacks. We would like to point out these drawbacks in the pointers given below.

  1. The seat provided with the stroller comes with the bulky fold. The 2-in-1 seat has a bulkier fold than the lux seat. To fold the 2-in-1 seat you need to first remove it and then fold it.
  2. The stroller does not come with an automatic lock. To be more precise, it doesn’t even have a manual lock. This can be a problem in many situations. For example, it can open when you are trying to get it out of the car trunk. Because this is a luxury stroller, it is very surprising to see that it lacked such a basic feature.
  3. The stroller is provided with a universal adapter. However, it works only with Cybex infant car bassinets and seats. It doesn’t work with any other popular baby car seats.


Now that we have come to the end of our review of the Cybex Priam Stroller, we can say that this is a special stroller with all high-class features. This could be the perfect choice for growing families as you have to invest only in one baby stroller. Agreed that it comes with a few disadvantages, but if you can adjust with it, this is the best you can get. It’s not like you can get a stroller with no disadvantages at all. This stroller is better than half of the strollers out there. The cost of the CybexPriam stroller is a bit high but at the end of the day, it is worth it. So if you are looking for a durable baby stroller then you can consider this as one of your options.