Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat – Best Review

At some stage, your child will become too big to fit into their car seat with a 5-point harness. From here, she or he should be moved into one of the booster seats available in the market. Today there is an abundance of booster seat models that come in at various price points, but I definitely recommend finding out more about the Midpoint Booster Car Seat by Britax.

I liked the booster-seat we had purchased previously until I came across this one. Below are some of the awesome features you can expect from the Britax Midpoint Booster.

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Front of the Britax Midpoint Booster Seat

Key Features

1. Seat Belt Holder

In the previous versions of the high-back booster seats, you had to make a decision whether you preferred the additional safety measures or giving your child the responsibility to buckle herself or himself. In those days it was not possible to have both. I am really glad that times have definitely changed for the better.

The Britax Midpoint has a really clever seat-belt holder. This device allows for a way to easily thread your seat belt into a slot, which provides access to easy and fast buckling. This design essentially allows the child to sit comfortably in their high-back booster seat and allows them to unbuckle or buckle themselves in.

When looking at images of the Britax Midpoint you will notice something that looks similar to the buckles used for the 5-point harness, but it’s actually not. This is called the SecureGuard Belt-Positioning Clip.

This Clip is designed to ensure that the part of the seatbelt which runs across the child’s lap is positioned correctly. This is really important as a seat belt that is in the wrong position could result in potential injuries rather than safety, in the event of a crash.

2. The 10-Position Head Restraint

One of the other issues with the older models of high-backed booster seats had to do with that once the child reached a specific height, these seats would no longer provide head protection. In most cases, the seat would then pose a risk for potential neck or head injuries.

Thanks to the “quick-adjust” head restraint with a boasted 10 positions, you’ll find that you no longer need to worry about this common issue. With this seat, you are able to easily move the head-restraint to the next level as the child grows.

3. 2 Layers Of EPP Foam Side-Impact Protection

Protective and high-quality foam is another important safety feature for your child. The entire interior of this booster seat has been formed using a deep shell that is completely foam-lined. The restraint for the head also features an EPP foam lining. EPP is a type of foam which is effective when it comes to absorbing energy while keeping your child protected and safe, especially in the event of a car accident.

4. ISOFLEX LATCH Connection System That Comes With Push-Button Connectors

The ISOFLEX LATCH Connection System is a durable latch-system which will make it an easy task to tether the booster-seat to the car seat. It is somewhat similar to the way you already secure your current car seat into your car.

When you secure this booster seat into your car, the seat belt will fit better and the way it’s supposed to, which maximizes the safety of your child every time they ride in your car.

5. 2 Cup Holders

If you read up on any of the other car seat reviews I have done, you will notice that I am a huge fan when it comes to cup holders as they are so very helpful. There are some manufacturers that seem to think that a single cup holder should be more than enough; this is not the case when it comes to my children.

In my experience with car seats, there should be one holder to accommodate a drink, while the other holder is commonly used for items such as toys, used wet wipes, rocks, food and more. Of course, if there is any mention of buying a milkshake, then the second cup-holder is quickly emptied to serve its purpose.

I also liked the fact that both of these cup holders are not only removable but also dishwasher safe. Any mom will agree that this feature is helpful when it comes to those inevitable spills.

6. 2 Armrests

I enjoy the fact that my car features armrests, and I was impressed that the Britax Midpoint comes with armrests to provide my child with this amount of comfort.

7. Cover is Simple to Take Off

This another highly important feature for me when it comes to car seats. It comes as a surprise that some brands still only offer the spot-clean covers. I really appreciate booster and car seat covers that are simple to remove and can be washed in a machine.

8. Dual-Comfort Moisture-Wicking And Breathable Fabrics

The black solid fabric over the side panels and head restraint is designed to keep your child dry and comfortable, and the fabric (striped-gray color) on the seat and back will help your child to stay cool. This choice in fabrics has resulted in a very comfortable booster seat.

9. Accommodates “Three Across” Seating

It can be a challenge attempting to fit your booster seat when there are 2 other people sitting in the third-row. The Britax Midpoint is only 20,5 inches in width, and if you need even more space simply remove both the cup-holders.

10. Ten Year Expiration

With the 10-year expiration guarantee, this is the type of booster that you can use for many years. Depending on how old your kids are, you may get away with using this seat for more than one child.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight of Child: 40-120 lbs.
  • Height of Child When Standing: 38 – 63″
  • Shoulder Height of Child When Seated: 15 – 21.5″
  • Shoulder Width: 15″
  • Seat Area Width/Depth: 12.5″ / 12″
  • Weight of Product: 12 lbs
  • Minimum Dimensions of Product: 27.5″ H x 20.5″ W 16″ D
  • Maximum Dimensions of Product: 35″ H x 20.5″ W 16″ D
  • Height of Seating Compartment: 25.5 – 32.5″ (includes backrest)
  • SecureGuard Strap Distance: 7.5″

Side of the Britax Midpoint booster seat

Potential Issues

When it comes to just about every product on the market, there might be a few issues which may make you think twice about purchasing this booster.

• Availability

This is a fantastic booster seat, but you may experience issues tracking it down. For some time this product was only sold through Target, but that is no longer the case. Click here to find out where you can buy the Britax Midpoint Booster Seat from.

• Only One Color

The seat is only available in one color scheme. On the positive side, you won’t have to spend any time thinking about which color to buy.

• The Head Protector

Britax may have named this part the “head protector”, but it is obvious that your little one will be using this part as a “headrest”. This part is pretty roomy, but should your little one fall asleep, it is likely that their head will be swaying from side-to-side. This means it is not comfortable at all, yet there should be enough space to use a neck pillow with this booster seat.

• Read The Instructions for Installation Carefully

It is always highly advisable to follow the directions from a manufacturer to make sure you are installing the seat properly.

• May Be Wobbly

Based on what car you drive, the booster seat may feel slightly wobbly on the upper part of the seat. Due to the fact that there are only anchors featured along the bottom part of these seats, this may be an issue for some types of cars.

• Pricing

Britax is not one of the budget or thrifty brands. They are one of the premium brands, and the price definitely shows it.

Know The Law

The laws for car seats will differ from one state to the next. Even though there might be differences when it comes to age, weight, and height requirements, one of the laws that will apply to every state, is that you are required to move a child out of a 5-point harness seat into a booster only when they have reached a specific size.

You can use the link to the AAA here to find out more about the laws pertaining to car seats in your state. Baby Monitor Town also offers a Car Safety article that covers the specific guidelines and details on when you should be making the switch.

What I Suggest

I 100% suggest that you purchase this amazing booster seat. Even though the booster-seat I have been using for my oldest has served me well, I will definitely be using the Britax Midpoint for my youngest in a few months time. In fact, this is the very best of the booster seats I have ever reviewed and here is why.

I really enjoy the fact that this product was designed with the safety of children in mind. I am also very happy about all the features included ensuring safety for children in cars. The high-back booster comes with foam insulation which will keep your child protected from impact. The red-accent pieces close to this seat, are designed in such a way to stop the seat belt over your child’s lap from getting too uncomfortable and tight.

The seat-belt holder, SecureGuard Belt-Positioning Clip, along with the ISOFLEX LATCH Connection System guarantees that the seat belt over your child is fitting correctly every time you buckle up. And in conclusion, the ten position head-restraint means that the seat accommodates your child as he or she grows.

Not to mention the fact that it includes a couple features we really enjoy:

  • 2 Armrests
  • 2 Cup Holders (Dishwasher Safe)
  • Easy to Remove Booster Seat Cover

When you look at all the features it’s easy to see that this is going to be a booster seat that we’ll both use and enjoy for a good long time, even by my hard to please family.