Britax Boulevard Clicktight Review – Read This First!

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat - Rear & Forward Facing - 2 Layer Impact Protection - 5 to 65 Pounds With Cool Flow

As far as convertible car seats go, the Britax Boulevard ClickTight is by far one of the ones with the most awards and the best reviews. Among countless recommendations, they’ve received numerous awards from places like, the 2015 PTPA award, and have received recognition from both Babycenter and Babylist.

As a car seat that is convertible and rated for kids between five and sixty-five pounds, the Boulevard also has some of the best crash protection and safety features around. It has a patented ClickTight system that allows for a quick and easy install. It also has excellent padding fabric that help your child to travel comfortably. It is easy to see just why both experts in the field and parents everywhere always rate this car seat from Britax so well.

Brief Britax Boulevard ClickTight Overview

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat - Rear & Forward Facing - 2 Layer Impact Protection - 5 to 65 Pounds - With Cool Flow

With a patented ClickTight system that makes installation very quick and simple with a car’s belt system that already exists, the Boulevard doesn’t have the make/model restriction that other car seats do. It also doesn’t have similar limitations on weight or the issue of being too complex as you get with the LATCH install system. ClickTight is a convenient and quick way to ensure that your little one’s car seat ends up with a proper install regardless of type of car being used.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Looks ForwardWith amazing levels of safety, the Britax ClickTight provides a base that absorbs impacts, a steel frame, and the side impact protection has 2 layers that go well beyond the normal federal standard of safety. You’ll know for sure that your baby’s harness is fitting exactly as it should with the Click & Safe Harness, and it has fourteen different position options to help you to keep up with your little one as they get bigger and bigger. All Britax car seats are manufactured in the United States, and they all boast a great reputation among parents and critics alike for being innovated, reliable, and safe.

ClickTight Safety

What NHTSA ratings does this specific model known as the Boulevard have? Every car seat out there that gets a rating from the NHTSA will meet crash performance and federal safety standards, which means any car seat rated by the NHTSA is safe for use. Having said that, the NHTSA gives additional ratings for car seats for how useful they are past just being safe. The NHTSA gave the Boulevard the following ratings:

  • Instructions: 5/5 stars
  • Labels: 5/5 stars
  • Installation features: 4/5 stars due to the storage area for the LATCH on the Click Tight not being clearly labeled, and because the LATCH attachments that are like hooks might need to be twisted to take them out of the car.
  • Securing the child: 4/5 stars due to the seat not arriving set up for the smallest possible occupant
  • How easy to use: 4/5 stars
  • Does this Boulevard model have:
  • Metal frame? Yes
    Side impact protection? Yes
    Base that is energy-absorbant? Yes

Product Lifespan (Height/Weight Limits)

  • What is the weight limit on this Britax model? It has a front facing limit that is sixty-five pounds, and the rear facing limit is forty pounds.
  • What is the height limit on this model? It has a shoulder height when front facing that is 18.65 inches, and the rear facing shoulder height is also limited to 18.65 inches.

How Easy is this Model to Use?

What this Britax model has:

  • Seat belt install? Yes.
  • Harness system is non-rethread? No.
  • LATCH system? No.

How Easy is the ClickTight to Install?

  • What adjusting system does the harness on the model use? It uses the harness system known as the Click & Safe Snug
  • Can the seat cover go in the washing machine? Yes.
  • Model Width: 18.5 inches.
  • Model Height: 29.4 pounds.

How Comfortable is this Boulevard Model?

  • Does the seat fabric breath? It uses a “Cool Flow” mesh fabric with ventilation.
  • Does this model have an infant insert pillow? N/A
  • What is the padding quality in the head area of this Britax model? N/A
  • What is the overall quality of padding? N/A

Quick Overview of the Clicktight from Britax (Video)

What are the Boulevard’s Specifications?

FAA approved
Rear Facing Child Weight 5 -40 lbs
Forward Facing Child Weight20 -65 lbs
Standing HeightUp to 49 inches
Rear Facing Shoulder Height7.6 - 18.65 inches
Forward Facing Shoulder Height12 – 18.65 inches
Shoulder Width16 inches
Weight of Car Seat24.9 lbs
Car Seat Measurements18.5” wide x 23.5” high x 23” deep
Seat Area Measurements10.5” deep x 11.5” wide
Depth of Buckle Straps5.25 inches and 7 inches
Height of Harness Slots8.35” - 19.4” in .85” increments per setting with 14 total positions

Specific Features of the Britax ClickTight System

Ease of Use:

Britax Boulevard ClickTight BarThe ClickTight, when installed correctly, will lock the car seat into place as secure as can be. It does this with the vehicle’s seat belt in both the rear-facing and front-facing install. It makes it very sturdy and safe, and it is very easy and simple to place into nearly all vehicles.

  • The indicator for the Click & Safe Harness makes sure that the harness for your child will fit exactly as it should, and all with a clicking sound.
  • It has an auto level indicator to ensure that your little one’s seat is set to the correct angle for safety.
  • The cover can be very easily removed so that it can be cleaned, and does so without any need for rethreading the harness.
  • The buckle system (Easy-Buckle) helps to keep all straps and buckles out of the way when you need to position your little one in their seat.

Lifespan and Comfort:

  • This model ships with plush foam padding to help with comfort from a high quality fabric.
  • Has a fourteen position harness with a two position buckling system to help keep your child as comfy and secure as possible, and all of it is made to be quickly and easily adjusted.
  • Encourages safe & comfortable travel for your child with 7 different reclining positions.

Specific Safety Features:

  • The base of the Boulevard is impact absorbing and compresses during a collision to help divert any force away from the child sitting in it.
  • Has a foam lined head rest, an energy absorbing shell, and 2 different levels of side impact protection.
  • Includes the patented Britax V-shaped tether to help reduce any rotation and helps to reduce and slow force and movement during any collision.
  • The steel frame is impact-stabilizing to help give protection and strength where it connects to your vehicle, thus helping to reduce any force of an impact.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Stock ShotWith one of the best reputations for manufacturing some of the best quality car seats around, the ClickTight has managed to earn a large amount of awards and recognition for it’s high quality and high levels of safety.

Who Does the Britax ClickTight Fit the Best?

The LATCH system comes with the Boulevard due to it being a requirement legally, but it is considerably more slow and bulky when compared to the ClickTight system that it also comes with. Doing an install with the seat belt with the LATCH system tends to be slower, and removing it can be a bit of a challenge as well.

Inspecting the Britax Boulevard ClickTight

Now, let’s say that you decide to use the LATCH install setup due to things like needing to use a booster seat for another kid next to the Britax Boulevard, or you’re using it in minivans/SUVs where using a seat belt install would prevent access to another row. In these cases you’ll either want to remove the Boulevard ClickTight rarely, or you’ll want to think about getting a car seat that has a more simple LATCH install setup.

If you’re among those mothers and fathers that need to adjust, move, or change their car seat often, then having the ClickTight gives you a huge benefit. It is clear that Britax made the ClickTight system to improve and advance the LATCH based technology that they themselves had a hand in inventing. A basic LATCH based setup uses more tethers, straps, and tend to have weight limitations that are lower than the ClickTight system does.

Install of the Britax Boulevard ClickTight Not only that, but the ClickTight functions well in just about every vehicle out there using their seat belts that are already in place. Note that this is not true of all car seats as some aren’t compatible with all makes and models of cars.

For those who are looking for 1 car seat that can keep their child safe when they’re born all the way up past toddler-hood, and those who are looking for an almost universal install system that is simple and quick, the Britax Boulevard ClickTight is one of the best choices available.

What Ships With the Britax Boulevard ClickTight?

Britax Boulevard ClickTight BabyWhile the ClickTight has no accessories that it ships with, the Britax does provide the option of using an accessory that is known as an anti-rebound bar for those interested in upping their safety level even more.

The Many Britax Boulevard ClickTight Pros and Cons


  • Incredible impact protection and safety.
  • Simple, quick install.
  • Use the same convertible car seat to keep your child safe from infancy up til the max of forty-nine inches tall.
  • The Boulevard uses high quality padding and fabric to supply high comfort levels.
  • Harness and incline can be adjusted for protection and comfort as your little one grows.
  • No need to rethread the harness when removing cover for cleaning.


Britax Boulevard ClickTight ConsCan be hard to uninstall if making use of the LATCH install system.
Must hand wash and line dry the cover as it isn’t machine-washable.

Installing the ​Britax Boulevard ClickTight

Britax Image 548Since the ClickTight has the option of a front-facing or rear-facing install, not to mention coming with a LATCH system that can use the vehicle’s lap belt, Britax has put out an entire collection of easy to install videos about their product.

Every single video for the Boulevard isn’t long while also being simple, and goes over specific types of ways to install to help you to not have to look for the exact video that fits what you need.

Their playlist even has videos that help you to make adjustments to the harness, buckles, and other additional features with their product. You can watch the entire list of videos for the Britax Boulevard below:

​Manual for the Britax Boulevard ClickTight

Lucky for us the complete user manual for the Boulevard can be found online in both English and Spanish at this link:

Comparing the ​Britax Marathon vs. Britax Boulevard

Comparison of 2 Britax Models including the Britax Marathon

Britax Marathon

Comparing the Britax Marathon to this Britax Boulevard model

Britax Boulevard

The Britax Marathon and Britax Boulevard controvertible car seats are both very similar with a lot of the same aspects to them. Each of these has the CLickTight install, and each have a rating for kids that are the same weight and height.

Let’s take a quick look at all the things these 2 car seats share between them:

  • Max child height is forty-nine inches.
  • Max child weight is forty pounds (minimum of five pounds).
  • Max shoulder height when child is sitting: 18.65 inches.
  • Dimensions of car seat: 23.5 inches high by 18.5 inches wide with 23 inch depth, and a seat area of 11.5 inches high by 10.5 inches wide.
  • Both of the NHTSA ratinsg are the same four out of five stars.
  • They each share the same buckle and harness increments and heights.
  • Both have the same angle and level for reclining.

Looking at all the features these 2 have in common, it is actually more simple to look at what things aren’t the same when looking at the Britax Marathon and the Britax Boulevard.

In terms of weight the Britax Marathon ClickTight actually weighs less than the Boulevard does, with it being 28.5 lbs compared to the 29.4 lbs. This is because the Britax Marathon actually doesn’t have as much impact protection as the Boulevard does. See, the Boulevard itself ships with 2 different levels for the protection on side impact, a head rest that is lined with foam, and a shell that absorbs energy which all increase it’s weight a bit.

Due to these 2 layers of protection for the side impact, the Britax Boulevard comes with headwings that are a bit larger than the Marathon. In addition to this it ships with the Click & Safe Harness Indicator that the Marathon actually does not come with.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Britax Marathon is still extremely safe, and this convertible car seat does have the ClickTight system. It is also a tad bit less expensive compared to the Britax Boulevard. Based on how you choose the upholstery the Marathon could be twenty to forty dollars cheaper than the Boulevard is.

Looking at everything, since both models are almost exactly the same in most features, and with the Boulevard being just a tad bit costlier and heavier while getting some extra protection, it would seem that your money would be better spent on the Boulevard. Look at it this way. A convertible car seat will be the only car seat that you’ll be needing to keep your little one traveling safely from the time they’re born all the way up til they go off to school, which means it just makes sense to pay a slightly higher amount so that the model you get has the best protection.

Having said that, if you’re trying to get nearly everything that the Britax Boulevard comes with at a lower price point while having it weigh less, then the Britax Marathon ClickTight will be a great option for you to go with.

Britax Advocate vs Boulevard

There’s only one difference: The Advocate ClickTight has 3 layers of side protection, whereas the Boulevard ClickTight has only one. As a result, Britax’s Advocate ClickTight is two inches wider than their Boulevard ClickTight.

What is the difference between Britax Marathon and Boulevard

The main differences between Britax Boulevard vs Marathon are:

  • Britax Boulevard Click Tight has a second layer of side impact protection, whereas Britax Marathon has only one.
  • This Britax model has more room for your child (13.7 inches), whereas Britax Marathon has 11.75.
  • Britax Boulevard is available in 4 different patterns, whereas Britax Marathon is only in two.

How many years is Britax Boulevard good for with proper install?

Seven Years.

The Britax Boulevard has an expiration date of seven years, while older products had previously been assigned 10 years.

User Review Video for the Britax Boulevard ClickTight


Britax Boulevard ClickTight (click image for more info)

Even though it has been years after it was released, the ClickTight continues to win awards and expert recognition. After all, this is a product that has boosted the reputation of Britax in terms of quality and extreme safeness for car seats, and all while showing off the Britax technology and innovation that makes a convertible car seat simpler to use.

Shipping with a ten year expiration date and a 1 year warranty, the Boulevard ClickTight is a wonderful way to invest in your little one’s comfort and safety for a long time.

Getting the anti-rebound bar as an option will give you a bit of extra safety for smaller kids who are set to be rear-facing as it helps to stop some rotation and absorbs some impact if there’s an accident.

This option helps to add additional safety to all Britax ClickTight options, and is very easy to put on your convertible car seat as well.

Due to the safe, easy, and quick install process, the fabric that is of a great quality, a harness that can be adjusted, a cover that makes cleaning simple, and the longer lifespan of this convertible car seat, the Britax Boulevard ClickTight is definitely among the top choices for both professionals in the child safety field and parents everywhere. This is a wonderful investment when it comes to keeping your child safe in any type of car you might have for many, many years.

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