Best Twin Baby Carrier This Year

Twin baby carrier being used by a happy mother.Carrying a baby around can get uncomfortable pretty quickly, particularly as they grow. However, you’re not the first person to be a parent, and those before you have thought of brilliant ways to carry a baby around using a twin baby carrier so you don’t tire too quickly. Such a device can let you hold your dear little ones closely while keeping your hands free, and for babies that love being held, they can be quite soothing. In general, there are two types of carriers, namely front and back, and both have their distinct advantages in different situations.

A number of carriers let you hold on to your baby, on your back facing towards you, or in the front either facing outwards or towards you, based on if they’re sleeping or awake. Some carriers even let you carry babies from infancy all the way up to their third birthday! Many carriers are also specifically designed to be healthy and supportive of a parent’s hips, so don’t worry about the long-term impact of these on your physical posture. You might even find carriers with particular extras to take advantage of, such as hidden safety straps, LED lights, accessory pockets, and baby gear holders.

List of Best Twin Baby Carriers

ModelWeight Range 
The TwinGo Air Model (Editor's Choice)10-45 Pounds (7-45 w/insert) Check Price
The TwinGo Carrier Model – Lite Version10-45 Pounds (7-45 w/insert) Check Price
The TwinGo Original Model10-45 Pounds (7-45 w/insert) Check Price
The Stuff 4 Multiples Model from Twingaroo10-35 Pounds Check Price
The Malishastik Twin Baby Carrier10-33 Pounds Check Price

If you have twins, then you obviously have double the trouble. Fortunately for you, it’s possible to find carriers specially created for hauling around not one but two babies at the same time. Twin carriers often have the same basic features that you would expect from an individual baby holder. The right twin baby carrier distributes the shifting loads of babies evenly, which turns carrying your children around into a much simpler thing to do.

Guide to Buying the Best Baby Carriers for Your Twins

A lot of companies make their carrier products distinct by adding atypical yet handy features. A number of manufacturers choose to earn the loyalty of their consumers by emphasizing the durability of their carriers. The market is fortunately full of brands worthy of your trust. Still, time is crucial to you, so to simplify things, the following is a guide which can help you pick out the carrier best suited for your family.

Three things you need to assess first and foremost about your babies are their behavior, size, and weight. If they enjoy getting carried around a bunch, then it’s good to choose a carrier that isn’t easily damaged. If you need a carrier that carries your twins around thanks to specific conditions, then you might want a carrier that works for activities both casual and extracurricular. If you have one baby that is more fussy while the other likes cuddling close, then search the market for a twin carrier that is comfortable in numerous conditions.

Be mindful of your budget as well. Some might look like they cost too much the first time you look at them, but they could be quite valuable. The inverse is also possible. In order to help shorten your search for a great baby carrier, the following are some of the market’s best options available at the time of writing.

1) The TwinGo Air Model

The Twingo AirThis twin baby carrier is manufactured so you can carry kids of varying weights and sizes, meaning this model works out well in nearly any set of circumstances you might find yourself in. The design is simple, nor is it hard to put on, so this affordable option is a smart choice. It can also be split into 2 different carriers instead of just a single twin carrier for individualized carrying. One other great thing is that it doesn’t just work well for twins, but also proves useful in carrying toddlers of different ages too.


  • An ergonomic design means even weight distribution, but it also provides support for the legs, spine, and back of your babies.
  • Weighing in at only 6 pounds, this carrier is fit to be used long-term and durable enough to do it.
  • Strapping it on doesn’t take long, and the soft material proves safe for skin contact.
  • Included pockets are great storage spaces for baby items.


  • It’s not perfect though. You can’t use it on newborns; you’ll need to wait until your twins are at least 4 months old, or even until they’ve learned to keep their heads upright.
  • Some parents might not feel supported well enough if they hold two-plus babies, but an extra purchase of an extender can resolve this.

2) The TwinGo Carrier Model – Lite Version

This unit is a robust twin supporter, given its 45-pound carrying capacity. Your twins are going to ride easily, given the durable and soft material holding them up. Your posture will also thank you for buying this, since you can carry one baby in front and the other behind you. If you want more support, additional shoulder straps are available.


  • The versatility of this unit might be the best thing about it. You can move around with ease free of worrying over your kids being of different sizes and weights. You can even disassemble it to turn it into an individual carrier.
  • It comes as a light model many parents choose as a budget option, but extra accessories can be added on as needed.
  • There’s also a color-coded system for intuitive use, saving you time in figuring out front versus back.
  • The material is child-safe and supports them for extended periods of time.


  • It might be necessary to buy extra straps to carry twins in order to have enough support and stability.
  • A child riding in the back might be disturbed by a mother’s hair, so it should be kept up.
  • Carrying baby gear isn’t possible given the pocketless design.

3) The TwinGo Original Model

This is a dual-child carrier that lets you easily store baby gear in a reversible storage compartment. You can strap kids into this twin baby carrier easily anytime you need to, and the permanent shoulder straps come already padded using premium foam. Sleeping hoods can provide good support for the head of a sleeping baby, provide privacy during breastfeeding, and give protection from the sun’s hurtful rays.


  • The collapsible nature of the carrier means portability is a plus.
  • You can even turn the carrier into two distinct individual carriers you can share with the other parent on some trips.
  • The sleeping hoods have several extra inches of neck and head support for newborns.
  • It’s easy to switch babies between front and back if they get fussy about their position.


  • The baby in front can’t ever face forward, which might prove boring.
  • The price tag might also be out of reach for parents who are pinching pennies.

4) The Stuff 4 Multiples Model from Twingaroo

The Stuff 4 Multiples TwingarooBabies riding in this unit get a lot of great support from the straps and padding, and parents find this flexible option easy to get in and out of. You can carry both babies in the front, which makes things less stressful if one baby is more fussy. The flexible design lets any parent carry the kids in whatever way they find to be the least hassle.


  • Premium padded fabric makes this a comfortable and supportive space for your babies.
  • A wide base lets babies face forward, which can be an effective distraction when they get moody.
  • If you need, you can switch this back and forth between a single or twin carrier.
  • Various and adjustable positions let you switch the placement of your babies so you don’t get quickly tired.


  • The back does have a tendency to provide less support when the model is worn as a front-and-back carrier, which might make your baby and back both less comfortable.
  • Some parents find the carrier hard to get on, and the instructions even prove complicated at times.
  • Alternatively, carrying both babies forward might make it hard to do anything using your hands.

5) The Malishastik Twin Baby Carrier

Bringing in number 5 on the list we have our best option for those on a budget. Very easy to use and simplistic in its design. With this carrier your precious babies will be held in a perfectly ergonomic position at your sides, with their legs to each side of your hips. They sit quite comfortable propped by the arches of your pelvis, and isn’t as uncomfortable for mommy/daddy as it sounds!

Since you’re much wider with 3 of you, you’ll need to turn sideways to go through any doors as there is no other carry option with this one. Great for hip development of the babies, though! Made up of 100% cotton it is very comfy and soft. The straps for the waist and shoulders are padded up nice and thick, which gives great lumbar support for those in need. While this is adjustable, keep in mind that the waist is only able to go to forty-three inches.

With the weight range set from 10-33 this isn’t setup for newborns, but it will last a long time with that top end of the range. The fact that this is easy to wash in the washing machine is a great plus, too, because with 2 little ones, well…you know how that goes.


  • A very affordable option to the rest.
  • Has easy to follow instructions for use.
  • Both parents and babies alike love how cozy and comfortable this carrier happens to be.


  • You can’t split this into 2 individual carry units like many other twin baby carriers.
  • Due to the way it carries, there is no support for the baby’s head.
  • A percentage of parents out there find it challenging to put on without any assistance.