The Best Nanny Cam With Audio This Year

What Is the Best Nanny Cam with Audio?

A teddy bear nanny cam with audio on.Technology has come a long way in recent years, and it seems that the development of products is accelerating faster and faster. It may seem, at times, that it is hard to keep up with what is coming onto the market. Just think, you have just bought the newest phone to drop on the market and 3 weeks later you see that the manufacturer that you chose has now improved their camera, the styling, or one of any features that we take for granted in today’s world. The same can be said about a nanny cam.

After all, one of the areas where technology has rapidly developed in the looking after our children is with the use of a nanny cam. A nanny cam is a much bigger brother of what we used to know as a baby monitor. While a baby monitor revolutionized the way that we looked after our young, the nanny cam has taken this in a much more technology-driven direction.

Once technology began to make video capture more affordable and probably more important, much more compact, the Nanny cam grew into being. It started as a small portable camera that allowed you to put it in any room where your child was and be able to record what our babysitter or nanny was doing with your child. It meant that you could record and playback the level of care that your child was receiving and whether or not there was any case of abuse occurring that you would be unaware of. It also allowed you to playback at a later time to ensure that your child was being fed the right foods at the right time, whether they were being changed on a regular basis and basically showed you every step in your child’s relationship with those that you were paying to be responsible for them

When parents became concerned that their children were suffering various levels of abuse, or were not being cared to our level of satisfaction, technology companies entered the space to redesign and improve on previous models.

Today there is a huge range of brands and different models available from specialty baby stores, spy shops and just about any electronics store, both traditional retail as well as easily purchasable online, and that come in a diverse range of price brackets depending on the features that you are wanting. Today the best nanny cams with audio come fully featured leaving you in complete control of the monitoring of your child.

The Best Nanny Cams Available Today

I won’t brand specific in this section, but I will point out the major features and benefits that the best and most popular nanny cams come with. When it comes to the current range of baby security cameras there is a large range of options depending on your needs and budget restraints.

1) A camera obviously comes with any system you’ll buy in this field, but it depends on the type of camera that you are wanting. With advancements in components, the digital quality is an important consideration. The best cameras come with a self focusing option so that you can clearly see what is happening. Through better pixel definition clearer video m gives you the opportunity to be as close as possible available and with the top of the range available, you get clarity of picture unprecedented in previous types.

Through wireless technology, you can now view the live feed from your camera, no longer do you need to remove the memory chip and use another device to play back the footage. As you can now view the digital feed live from your laptop, The best cameras also allow you to override their natural settings. This means that you can have the camera aperture move where ever you want to place it. It allows you to track the camera through a wide range, allowing it to rotate its head and move completely across the room. The same goes for the horizontal and vertical axis. If something is dropped on the floor you can track the camera to pan down and pull in tight for a close-up. This feature is extremely handy and gives you almost total viewing control.

As well modern cameras come with infrared abilities meaning that you still have a high level of clarity in your footage even in complete darkness. Better cameras also have a motion sensor included so that the recording can rest and only restart when movement is detected, whether that is your baby moving or the room is entered. Pets, of course, may set this off regularly depending on the setting that you have in play, so you may either need to keep them out of the child’s room or dial down the sensitivity fo the motion sensor.

2) Through wireless technology, you no longer need to stay glued to a computer to see what is happening. You can now use mobile phone apps to allow you to check in on your camera no matter where you are and again with the top range apps, you can still have complete control over the actions of your camera.

3) Recording and storing your live feed means that if you are away for a period of time you can pull up data footage from any time in the past that the camera was operating and if you need you can run through fast and slow motion as well as frame by frame shots.

4) The camera is also a recorder or an audio two-way device meaning that you can hear exactly what is being said as well as listening to other sounds in the general area of the camera. You also have the option of being able to talk into whatever microphone device is on your computer. This gives you the ability to send soothing messages to your child or if you wish to play gentle music or even sounds of the ocean complete with whale calls. You probably won’t want to do this but I hope that it gives you an idea of the flexibility that you can have with the highest featured brands.

We all want the best for our child and by using a first-class Nanny Cam you can be a large step closer to its welfare. While you may not be there in person a high-quality Nanny Can even though you may be a long way from home or even in another country as long as you have the wifi ability to connect with your cameras app.

Why Use a Nanny Cam at All?

While nothing can truly compare to your being with your child, by having a fully featured Nanny Cam at your disposal you no longer need to feel as detached as parents of the past were. While it will not replace the need to have your child babysat it does at least allow you a closeness and more importantly evidence that things are either going well at home or not. If they are not going well you at least now have the digital evidence with which to use to take the matter in your own hands, or in extreme cases the hands of the authorities.

The latest top quality cameras that come with a nanny cam come with all of the above and more as companies rise to the need of the parent. While I am not sure what will be included in models yet to be released in terms of audio and visual, the above will definitely remain as must-have features which will only get better with time and advances in technology. I recommend that you do your own searching and work from a list of what you feel are the most must-have features for you and your child.