Best Motorola WiFi Baby Monitor Right Now

If you’re looking for the best WiFi baby monitor that is made by Motorola, then look no further. Below we’ll go over the top 3 rated monitoring systems from this well-known brand, and talk about some of the pros and cons of each one. By the end, you should know just which one is perfect for your needs! Let’s get started, shall we?

Device NameWeightMax RangeTotal Cameras 
The MBP43-2 2.7 poundsN/A
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The MBP36 (Editor's Choice)7.2 ounces1,000 feet
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The Smart Nursery Cam 8.8 ouncesN/A
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#1 The MBP43-2 Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP43-2 Wifi Baby MonitorThis is among the most reviewed and top rated baby monitor you’ll find. This monitor system comes with 2 cameras. It has many of your common functions like zoom, pan and tilt, infrared, 3.5 inch Digital LCD screen, and more. One of the top rated baby video monitors by far.

As you know, baby monitors are extremely important in today’s world. To make sure your dear loved one is as fine and safe as possible, you will need to be certain you can keep an eye on them. Monitors are gadgets, though, and baby monitors won’t always last and do often break. So it’s essential when you go to buy a monitor that is is of high quality to ensure that your child is completely safe.

This can be costly, but the best baby monitors will last for several years. This MBP 43-2 model of monitor is often found on a discount, and trust me when I say this is the one for you if you would like to purchase a good one. This screen has gotten good reviews overall from the customers who used it.

Product Highlights

The MBP43-2 model includes two cameras. This gives two angles of tracking your child and can help you to not be switching camera places each time they changes his/her place. The cameras support zooming. This can help you not to run up to the room of your baby when you need to get a look on him/her. Having two angles of view enables you to observe any change on the environment of the baby.

The baby monitor utilizes a secure line of connection. The wireless link is safe and nobody can have the ability to eavesdrop through it. It utilizes a 2.4 GHz wireless mode of signal distribution which has FHSS technology within it. Via distributing signals which can be understood by a monitor the technology enhances privacy. The security leaves you feeling confident as you realize that nobody can access the link except for you.

The microphone used in this baby monitor system is sensitive enough. Its sensitivity is so high that when the infant is breathing with issues, you may even hear and notice. You can even hear anything unusual happening in the room. The monitor enables two way communications. With this, you can talk and sing to your baby as you would if you were there. The monitor permits you to monitor the area of noise as it includes an indicator that shows the audio level captured.

Night vision is also supported from the baby monitor. Clear images are shown with this and at night, you can check on your baby with great imagery. The baby monitor includes 5 lullabies in it. Entertaining the child remains easy!

A rechargeable battery for the parent unit can also be made use of. With this, no battery replacement will be required and all you’ll be asked to do is to plug the parent unit in when it runs out of power. Managing power remains simple. Power adapters for the two cameras and the screen are included in the bundle as well.

The Downsides

The apparatus has a very loud sound. It’s made in such a manner that you’re alerted by the sound if the monitor is not totally closed off. Buttons have been included to assist you with adjusting the volume. The baby monitor remains useful and can be set not to disturb you as well, though.

When running on battery only, the parent unit doesn’t stream video constantly. It goes away after a while as a method of saving power. The audio remains on, though. By pushing a button you’ll be able to turn the screen back on. Once the unit is plugged into a power supply, video streaming remains constant. This can be used as a solution to video streaming that needs to be continuous.

The Verdict

The MBP43-2 is a monitor that is very useful for keeping an eye on your dear one. This is according to the majority of its users and our review team as well. This monitor can help you check with him or her, just as if you were physically there.

Since the device has got your back covered with your little one, it is easy to continue with that reassurance so you can do other activities and home chores, even at longer distances. Anyone who has tried baby monitor models have stated that this one functions well, especially with both cameras. Keeping your baby comforted is simple with the two way communication included for all users as a benefit.

This is among the very top models on the market. Finally, you can have a safe and awesome time with your child.

This is one of the priciest out there, though. However, if you are seeking to have the one that is the top of the line, you want this one. Unlike other baby tracking systems, this one has gotten excellent reviews and remains consistently on top of the marketplace for its positive reviews. This is especially true if you’re currently seeking to track 2 rooms or 2 kids at the same time.

#2 The MBP36 Baby Monitor

The Motorola MBP36A video baby monitor offering an excellent picture, helped by the camera that can easily see and move around the room and your baby’s sleep area. Every sound can be picked up by the microphone. The camera can pan, tilt, and zoom its way around your child’s room so there is absolutely no need to bust in there every 5 minutes as some of us want to do.

I am not a mom who loves gadgets, but I was excited about taking a look at this one! Before I put it to the test, I saw myself as I used the down, up, and sideways keys to move. The camera was tested by me in the room of my little one and I need to say it works brilliantly. I can pan around the room, which is handy if you have twins or children sharing a room as it is capable of spanning a broad area. This purpose is genius if angled properly.

The picture is clear and the night vision works great during the evening.

Placing the battery and the wires in place makes it easy to use and simple to set up. The instruction leaflet is simple to follow, if there are any problems as well.

The leaflet says that you may need to turn electrical Products off because of interference but I have had no trouble with this. At the time I’ve used it and the picture and sound were perfect; I have not lost connection once yet.

The communication is clear and loud, and the mic is sensitive – a fantastic thing if you wish to hear every sound your baby makes. I am suitably impressed with that.

The Downsides

The noise can sometimes be a bit “off” when the volume is turned all the way up. It typically works so well I would overlook this, although it does not have some features others have for the same cost, including an SD recording feature.

The lullabies aren’t that great sounding if I am being picky, but I do not believe that to be much of a problem for most.

The Verdict

A baby video monitor from a well-known brand that has everything you would expect. From a video that is fantastic with a great monitor, it looks trendy and the image is clear. A great choice for many, and indeed many have enjoyed this to date.

#3 The Smart Nursery Cam

The Motorola Smart Nursery CamHere we are for #3 on our list. The Smart Nursery Cam is a portable monitor camera for your precious child that permits you to keep an eye on things from anywhere in the world by using your pc, tablet computer, or smartphone. The Hubble app lets you obtain the temperature, see motion, and hear audio all sent to your viewing device that is compatible so that you can stay connected to what is happening. A wide range of features including detection and action tracking will give peace of mind to you that your little one is happy and healthy. Pan, tilt, and zoom on the battery-powered camera makes sure that you have your child’s view, and the sound lets you communicate while out of the room. With this Smart Nursery Cam, you are free to watch them dream from everywhere.

Downloading the App
Although the app does not yet include this camera in its installation directions, setup was simple enough. Run the Hubble app and all I needed to do was plug in the camera. I will note that I was prompted to hit on the ‘set’ button, which isn’t actually marked on the camera, but there is just 1 button on there. I like to hold it down for ten seconds when setting up… just know to do this and you will have no trouble. After that was the camera, and then the typical login has worked well.

You can get the camera in a windows computer, and you get a fairly good picture and sound quality in this manner, but you don’t get to move the camera around. I enjoy being able to get this done from my smartphone, though. Albeit it is a touch slow from the smartphone, it is easy to move the camera around. You simply hit on on the arrow it moves within a couple of seconds.

Another advantage of this baby camera is that it can be used by you for safety purposes while you’re at work, or to check on your pets if you like. You can check it anytime once you manage to get the Hubble program installed on your phone. There are several features with this camera screen I need to note: it permits you to speak through your phone and will play songs as well. I got a notification that my son had woken up, which is great. The temp and humidity sensors appear to be just about perfect, as well.

The Downsides

Downloading and installing Hubble (needed to run this cam) can be a bit of a pain for some. Syncing with the camera the first time doesn’t always go extra smooth, and the resolution isn’t quite as good as more expensive systems.

The Verdict

A great purchase if you don’t want to lug around an extra device (the monitor), and instead prefer to use your smartphone with a camera system. You just need to be willing to deal with the Hubble app, which is certainly a sticking point for some.

All 3 of the above WiFi baby monitors from Motorola have their benefits, but none are ever going to be perfect. You need to weigh the cost of the unit with the benefits to decide which one fits your needs. Once you do that, all you need to do next is drop your order from Amazon and see if you like it. The company is great with returns, too, so you really have nothing to lose.