The Best Double Jogging Stroller in 2018 – 2019

Mom with a double jogging stroller.So what makes up a quality jogging stroller, and what things should you be searching for? We have included everything you need to know regarding double jogging strollers here in our comprehensive guide.

This is assuming you are looking to buy a double stroller, and have heard plenty of good things regarding strollers for jogging. Perhaps you like running, or hiking, and you want to have the sleekest looking double stroller possible.

So just what is different about a jogging stroller compared to a regular stroller? What things should you be looking for, and what things should be watching out for to avoid?

Among the double jogging strollers out there, which are the ones that are actually worth spending money on?

I did an extensive search and came to the conclusion that, actually, there are a limited number of good choices available on the market, with many people mixing up regular and jogging strollers. In this guide, we will be looking at the top 10 double jogging strollers, along with what needs to be known about all of them. Also, we will be discussing what things you need to know before you buy, and the important things that go into these specific models.

Top 10 Double Jogging Stroller Choices

1. Allen Sports Premier 2-Child Bike Trailer/Racing Stroller

The Allen Sports Racing Stroller is exactly what it says it is: a racing stroller that has been designed for racing that can also easily be converted to use as a bike trailer. A bench-style seat is featured that is able to hold either one child strapped in the middle part of the seat or two children.

The good: A universal bike hitch comes included with the Allen Sports Premier, along with a removable bug and rain shield. It has a larger zippered pocket located in the back and its footprint is relatively narrow.

The not-so-good: The stroller probably isn’t intended to be used with newborns, and although it folds, it does not fold in a compact manner. It has inflated wheels, so the air pressure will need to be checked every once in a while.

The best: It is easy to set up the Allen Sports Premier, a smooth ride is offered, and it is easy to pop off the front wheel to make a bike trailer out of it. It is fairly inexpensive, and has a lifetime warranty that comes with it.

If you are searching for a racing stroller or slim bike trailer and aren’t searching for a stroller that can be used with a newborn, and you have sufficient space for storing a stroller that doesn’t fold flat, then this model is ideal for your needs.

2. BOB Ironman Duallie

This particular stroller offers the hand brakes and stability needed for running and jogging both downhill and uphill. With its adjustable handlebar and bike-like tires, this stroller is ideal for exercise-minded parents of two children close in age or twin. It may be used for babies who are at least 8 weeks old.

The good: The BOB Ironman Duallie features 3-inch suspension, large storage basket, canopy windows, and pockets for storing snacks and other types of items. Also, it comes nearly fully assembled – you just need to add the wheels and you will be ready to go.

The not-so-good: The stroller comes with a fixed front wheel, which makes turning it slightly harder. It takes two steps to fold it instead of one, and you can’t wash it in a washing machine to keep it clean.

The best: The Ironman Duallie comes with nine different handlebar positions for both tall and short parents, and huge canopies to shade children from wind and sun. There is also an option for purchasing a car seat adapter, while the front caliper brake control speed while you are jogging downhill.

If you are searching for an easy to jog with double stroller, easy to brake,and provides a smooth ride for children, then this model is ideal for your needs.

3. Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller

This model from Baby Jogger offers the company’s easy one-hand fold feature, along with brakes and tires that are designed to be used with jogging. The front wheel on the stroller can be locked into place to provide increased stability, or it can be released to swivel to provide great maneuverability instead, whichever you need at the moment.

The good: There are extendable canopies on the Summit X3, and its side vents provided for improved breathability. The stroller also comes with suspension, pockets, and a big storage basket.

The not-so-good: The Baby Jogger Summit X3 does not accommodate a car seat. Also the handlebar cannot be adjusted. One customer also stated that you need to ensure that the tires remain filled, while another stated that it isn’t easy to reach the storage basket. The weight capacity on this double jogging stroller is unclear.

The best: The stroller is definitely among the easiest ones to fold, and comes with all-terrain wheels along with both foot and hand brakes for convenient easy jogging. Its seat also reclines almost completely flat.

If you are searching for a jogging stroller that doesn’t have to be attached to a car seat and comes with easy fold, then this double jogging stroller can meat your needs.

4. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie

This is a very sturdy jogging stroller that offers plenty of maneuverability and stability. The Revolution was designed for athletic urban parents, and offers flip flop-friendly, easy-to-use brakes, along with a front wheel that can easily swivel for convenient turning or be locked into place for jogging or running. Ideal for both short and tall parents, the stroller provides handlebar positions, large canopies with windows, a two-step fold, and suspension.

The good: Car seats can be held by the Revolution FLEX Duallie (their adapter needs to be purchased separately), and provides a sturdy build that has the option for having a swiveling front wheel. The stroller also comes with four canopy positions, additional pockets, and a large storage basket.

The not-so-good: There are no hand brakes on the stroller or a one-step fold. You will have to use an adapter, as previously mentioned, in order to use a car seat with it. The stroller is also only recommended to use with babies who are at least 8 weeks old.

The best: Jogging parent needs are perfectly integrated with city parent needs by the Revolution FLEX. Its flexible handlebar enables parents of every height to be able to comfortably push it. Also, it slim enough so that it will fit through a majority of doorways.

If you are looking for a versatile, sturdy jogging stroller, yet need to have a swiveling front wheel, then this double jogging stroller is the best one for your needs.

5. Thule Urban Glide Double

The front wheel on the Thule Urban Glide swivels for when you are walking around, and also locks into place for improved stability while you are running or jogging. It also comes with a large storage basket along with a magnetic window canopy cover, so that you don’t need to velcro the cover down.

The good: The angle on the handlebar can be adjusted, which makes finding the right height easier. The Urban Glide Double comes with extendable canopies and a water-resistant storage cover.

The not-so-good: There have been complaints by some customers that the stroller loses stability when one of its side is empty, and it isn’t clear if two car seats can be held by the Thule simultaneously.

The best: This stroller comes with the option for buying a car seat adapter, one-hand fold, and a hand brake. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty as well.

If you have an older child and baby, and are searching for a double jogging stroller that comes with a lifetime warranty and adjustable handlebar, then this double stroller is ideal.

6. Clevr 3-in-1 Collapsible 2-Seater Baby Stroller Jogger/Bicycle Trailer W Pivot Wheel

This baby stroller jogger does exactly what is suggested by it’s name: it is a jogging stroller that you can convert and use as a bicycle trailer. The thing that is really great about the stroller and trailer is it has been designed, literally, for joggers. However, you can only use it for children and babies over six months old, and your kids will have to get along well: there is just one bench seat that is available.

The good: A mesh pocket is included in each seat of the Clevr 2-in-1, along with a large storage basket as well as foot and hand brakes. It folds nearly completely flat – which is rare for a stroller, and more impressive for being a double jogging stroller. The Clevr, like all other double strollers, can either seat two children or one child.

The not-so-good: It isn’t clear whether or not the seat reclines. You also can’t use the Clevr starting at birth. It is shared bench (which may be more fun and cozier) so even if it’s seat reclines, your children will need to agree where to sit. The cover also uses Velcro rather than a zipper, so you well have to check the pressure of the wheels every once in a while since it has bike tires on this stroller.

The best: A smooth ride is offered by the Clevr 2-in-1. It features an all-weather cover that is much better than the standard rain cover, along with safety reflector on the wheels and trailer. When it is used as a trailer, it stays upright even if the bike tips over.

If you happen to be an athletic parent who is searching for a jogging stroller as well as a bike trailer for children over 6 months old, then the Clevr 2-in-1 offers a combination of both at an affordable price.

7. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller, Carbon

This double jogging stroller from Baby Trend is intended to be used with babies who are at least six months old. It is easy setting it up, uses bicycle tires, and provides a front wheel that both locks into place or swivels.

The good: Although its handlebar isn’t adjustable, one 6′ father and 5’3″ mother reported they were able to easily push their Expedition Double Jogger. The stroller comes with two cup holders and a large storage basket.

The not-so-good: The stroller doesn’t have the best warranty and car seats cannot be used with it. The canopy isn’t extendable either, and there is just one canopy for the two seats. Some parents found that it was hard to fold the stroller.

The best: The Expedition Double Jogger by Baby Trend easily fits on sidewalks and is a fairly affordable double jogging stroller. Its bicycle tires offer a smooth ride, and its swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver.

If you are searching for an affordable and easy to push double jogging stroller then this one is ideal.

8. Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Double Stroller

Although the City Select isn’t a true double jogging stroller (there are four wheels instead of three), this is still a very popular double stroller, particularly with parents who have children who are close in age to one another.

The good: The City Select Double Stroller comes with extendable canopies, adjustable handlebar, one-hand fold, hand-operated brake, and swiveling front wheels. It may be used for power walking, although it isn’t a jogging stroller.

The not-so-good: The stroller is not a true jogging stroller and it’s very heavy. It doesn’t have the highest maximum weight limit either.

The best: The best thing about the stroller is that it provides you with several different options for how the seats are places: They can be faced forwards, backwards, or facing one seat with each way. There are also options for a bassinet and car seat, a bassinet and regular seat, or two car seats.

If your parent of two children who are close in age, are looking for a versatile stroller that comes with a removable second seat, and don’t need to have a dedicated jogging stroller, then this double stroller is ideal for your situation.

9. Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini Double Stroller

The City Mini, like the City Select, is not a true double jogging stroller. However, the City Mini is very popular with parents who have twins, and with parents who have children who are close in age as well.

The good: The City Mini Double Stroller from Baby Jogger is lightweight, comes with a one-hand fold, and is able to hold one car seat ( you will need to purchase an adapter). In addition it has extendable seat canopies and storage pockets located in the back.

The not-so-good: This stroller is only intended for casual stroller, and not for power walking like the City Select Double.

The best: This stroller is suited to be used with newborns as well as children who are up to five years old. It is also affordable.

If a jogging stroller isn’t something you need and you are searching for a side-by-side stroller you can use from birth and is affordable then this double stroller is ideal.

10. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Vanguard

The Navigator Double Jogger Stroller from Baby Trend is different from most other jogging strollers give than it has four wheels rather than the usual three. It isn’t a traditional jogging stroller. Its front wheels both lock and swivel, and are closer together compared to a regular stroller’s front wheels.

The good: There are two cup holders on the Navigator Double Jogger in addition to a personal tray for both children. There is plenty of storage and comes with an easy fold.

The not-so-good: You can only use this stroller with babies who are more than six months old. I also couldn’t find any information regarding a warranty. It wasn’t clear whether the canopies have windows or are extendable.

The best: The parent tray on the Navigator has a place for MP3 speakers, and may used with needing an adapter with two baby car seats. ‘

If you are searching for an affordable double stroller that has trays for both children, and would like something with four wheels that jogs well, then this is a great double jogging double stroller for your situation.

Additional Info You Need to Know

Do you know what separates a double jogging stroller from a regular stroller or even a double umbrella stroller? First of all, the most prominent feature of jogging strollers is that their front is more narrow than the back. That’s a big reason why a lot of consumers confuse a number of regular strollers as being jogging strollers. On the other hand, you can distinguish jogging strollers by the number of wheels they have. Three wheels are easier to run with, as compared to the four wheels of regular strollers.

Have you ever tried running using a regular stroller? If so, then you learned very quickly that the front wheels swivel, and that can at best, take you off course and at worst, get your wheels stuck. That’s exactly why jogging strollers come with a front wheel that is either fixed or at least lockable. On the other hand, since almost nobody buys a double stroller for their jogging and a second traditional stroller for errands and time in the park, a lot of manufacturers now offer front wheels that can both lock and swivel.

Keep Safety in Mind

A number of jogging strollers feature handbrakes given the inclines and speeds that the activity often involves. If you are able to afford it, then it’s good to shell out a little more for a feature like a handbrake, since it lets you stop quickly and with ease should you lose your balance. Also, the same way you can when you ride a bike, you can either pump or hold a handbrake when jogging in order to control your speed when you go downhill.

There are two BOB jogging strollers that are listed here, and they both have wrist straps to give you extra safety when you run, as well as included safety flags with the strollers-turned-trailers. These are crucial features which can benefit you while biking, running, and jogging. On the other hand, they might not prove all that useful to have if you’re just jogging for a quick moment across flat ground to catch a train or bus.

Never, ever jog with your child if he or she isn’t properly belted. It might not seem like a huge deal to make use of three harness points if you’re just going around the corner to the store, but it’s a much larger issue if you jog or wind up on an incline. Use each of the five stroller harness points every time, and don’t get a double jogging stroller that comes only with a three-point harness.

Jogging Strollers And Car Seats

A common industry default, with a few exceptions, is that most double jogging strollers prove incompatible with car seats, and not many are intended for having newborns along for the ride. If you would like to give your newborn a ride inside a jogging stroller, don’t cut corners; get a jogging stroller that you know can be used from the moment of birth. Either that, or buy the specific model you want and just borrow a newborn-compatible jogging stroller from someone until your baby is old enough.

Never put a car seat inside a jogging stroller unless that stroller is definitively car seat-compatible.

Measure Both Your Trunk And Your Doorway

Double strollers are generally wide and bulky, and double jogging strollers specifically prove to be so quite commonly. Before picking out your double jogging stroller, measure how wide your front door is, on top of how much space you have in your vehicle trunk.

Keep in mind that unless you’re using your double jogging stroller each day of the week, you might need storage space for it. Make sure that you pick a stroller that can fit in your available storage space, one that you can easily fold and unfold.

Warning: Check The Wheels Of Your Stroller

Most consumers think about their car tires as needing refills of air, but not their stroller tires. Having said that, some jogging strollers actually use bike tires. If your double jogging stroller such a model? if so, check out the air pressure of the wheels once in a while, and certainly do it before any serious hike you plan on taking.

Picking Out The Best Stroller For You

Prior to picking out which double jogging stroller you intend to buy, you should decide what particular needs you have.

  • Do you need reclining seats?
  • Do you live in a sunny corner of the world where you need extendable canopies?
  • How many stairs must you climb to get into your home? Would you be able to get a double jogger up all those stairs by yourself, or would you need another pair of adult hands?
  • Also, and this is crucial, will you need a double stroller for closely-aged siblings or even twins?

If your heart is set on a particular jogging stroller which doesn’t work for newborns, but you want a double stroller for an older child paired with a newborn, then it might be worth it to just carry the newborn in a sling for a few months until he or she is old enough for jogging stroller travel.

Keep in mind, that unless you’re a dedicated biker, runner, or jogger, you might actually be better off just getting a traditional double stroller instead of a jogging double stroller. Be open-minded, and remember your lists of must-haves and maybes as you go through the options before finding the stroller that best fits your kids, needs, and budget.