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The Best Long Range Baby Monitors for You

If you’re a soon to be parent or you currently have a baby already, then you likely are in a hunt for the absolute best long range baby monitor. Particularly if you’ve got a house where many other infant monitors won’t work for extended distances. Locating the right one may be a little exhausting, but… Read More »

The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor Right Now

Advanced technology has given us so much lately. There are lots of baby monitors that have some amazing features, and the newest ones are currently getting released with some really cool stuff. One of the features that many baby monitors miss on, though, is the split screen. It’s very good to have a split screen… Read More »

Which Baby Monitors Can’t Be Hacked?

All internet-connected devices, including baby monitors, can be compromised; however, some are more secure than others. Some digital baby monitors utilize frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology to quickly switch frequencies in order to prevent accidental listening and are virtually hacker-proof. Baby Monitors Though you might be tempted to purchase a baby monitor that is Wi-Fi… Read More »