Which Baby Monitors Can’t Be Hacked?

All internet-connected devices, including baby monitors, can be compromised; however, some are more secure than others.

Some digital baby monitors utilize frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology to quickly switch frequencies in order to prevent accidental listening and are virtually hacker-proof.

Baby Monitors

Though you might be tempted to purchase a baby monitor that is Wi-Fi capable, this may not always be the safest choice for your little one.

Unfortunately, many of the smart devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network are vulnerable to criminals who could use them for spying on you, stealing personal information or even committing burglary. These products are easily hackable – sometimes without even touching them!

Although most wifi-connected baby monitors come with passwords, it’s still possible for someone to gain access to your device and view your little one. The simplest way to do this is by logging into the router’s administration page online; from there they can adjust any settings on the monitor.

Changing a monitor’s password is the best way to guarantee it’s only accessible by you. Alternatively, setting up an extra password can further restrict access by others.

Another essential feature is a firewall, which blocks connections from outside your house. This is essential for any wi-fi product but especially crucial when using a baby monitor as it could be vulnerable to intruders with access to your key.

A baby monitor with its own display unit is less vulnerable to hacking, as the video feed stays within your house. It’s also an ideal option if you need the monitor moved around while doing chores or going about your day.

Some of the cheaper models of smart baby monitors lack a firewall, making them vulnerable to hacker attempts to gain access to your home Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, manufacturers often fail to issue updates that address security holes, leaving your device an attractive target for cybercriminals with knowledge of them.

When shopping for a baby monitor, make sure it offers strong security features and is manufactured by an established brand. Be sure to verify its certifications to confirm its comprehensive security measures.

Hello Baby Wireless

Baby monitors give parents the opportunity to stay connected to their children even when they’re away from home. These devices come equipped with various features that enable parents to keep an eye on their little ones and ensure they’re contented.

Hello Baby wireless is a brand that strives to create baby monitors that are user-friendly and secure for your little ones. Its cameras give you a clear image of your little one, while the parent unit boasts many helpful features like audio monitoring and temperature readings.

This company, headquartered in China and founded in 2017, has earned glowing reviews for their baby monitors – an ideal option for parents looking to protect their little one.

In addition to baby monitors, Hello Baby offers a selection of other home products. These include video monitors, baby cameras, child security alarms and remote controls for TV or home theater systems.

Hello Baby products utilize DECT technology, making them more secure than other baby monitors. This advanced encryption helps your device transmit data over an encrypted network signal, significantly decreasing the chance of hackers gaining access to your monitor.

However, DECT isn’t perfect. Some people have even managed to successfully hack DECT-enabled baby monitors.

It is wise to change the default passwords on all of your smart devices, including your Hello Baby baby monitor. Doing this ensures that even if someone knows the default password they won’t be able to access your device.

Another essential step is to guarantee your router and WiFi network are secure. Doing this will stop hackers from connecting to your WiFi network and attempting to hack into your device.

Not only will this protect your device from being hacked, but it also stops other hackers from accessing both it and your home network. To secure both, set a strong password that no one in your household can guess.

Finally, if you’re worried that your Hello Baby monitor is being hacked, it’s wise to unplug it when not in use. Doing this will keep the camera less vulnerable to malicious hackers.

Nest Cam

Nest security cameras are one of the most popular and dependable home security solutions on the market. Unfortunately, they can be hacked, leaving homeowners and their families vulnerable to a range of privacy violations.

It’s essential to be aware that hackers have the capability of invading any internet-connected device, including smart home products like Nest security cameras. These attacks could expose consumers to potential eavesdropping or theft, as well as enable cybercriminals to use their compromised devices to create botnets flooded with junk traffic that shuts websites down.

Google, the makers of Nest, have taken several measures to make its devices more secure, such as encouraging users to set up two-step authentication and rejecting compromised passwords from previous data breaches. Furthermore, Google is monitoring account access and tracking external entities who misuse login information, according to an email sent earlier this month by the company.

Though some parents have made every attempt to secure their Nest cams, some have had them compromised and now worry for the safety of their children. Ellen Rigney, a Texas mom, reported being awakened Sunday morning by unusual noises coming from their baby’s room that “sounded like sexual expletives.” A man’s voice then threatened to kidnap her child and forced her to call authorities.

Arjun Sud, who lives in Lake Barrington, Illinois, reported to WBBM-TV that someone broke into his home and stole all the wireless cameras. The hacker then hurled abuse at him and his wife while raising their Nest thermostat by 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

This alarming discovery caused the Suds to take action: they quickly unplugged the cameras and called 911. Now they’re investigating a security log to see who had access to those cameras.

Hank Fordham, the security researcher who breached Gregg’s camera, revealed he did so using credential stuffing – an automated method in which databases of usernames and passwords from previous data breaches are fed into an automated system to search for accounts using those credentials.

He discovered 300 Nest cameras available online at no cost, and within 15 hours had access to hundreds of them. He used these to communicate with people in their homes and encourage them to subscribe to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel, a popular vlogger.

Infant Optics DXR-8

For an affordable baby monitor, the Infant Optics DXR-8 is an ideal option. It has all the essential features you need at a great price point and works seamlessly with various cameras (sold separately).

Infant Optics ensures its monitors use an encrypted radio signal for security, so you don’t have to worry about hacking into your display as hackers will only be able to view the video signal from the main unit and not audio.

This feature, which many other non-WiFi baby monitors lack, makes the DXR-8 an attractive option for those who are hesitant to switch over to WiFi products.

Another advantageous feature of the DXR-8 is its remote pan, tilt and zoom capability. This comes in handy if you want to keep a closer eye on your child’s sleeping or playing area.

The camera only captures 360p standard definition images, which may not be the highest resolution available on a baby monitor but still adequate for its basic purpose. Furthermore, you can add on an external wide-angle or zoom lens for even better detail – though you’ll have to purchase these separately.

Battery Life: The DXR-8’s battery is designed to last for five hours when left unplugged and 10 hours when plugged in. As a reminder, the monitor will begin beeping when its power is running low.

You can select Sleep mode, where the monitor’s screen will turn off after a pre-set time delay but keep the audio on. This is an especially helpful feature when trying to put your baby to bed but don’t want them woken up by turning on the monitor.

If your DXR-8 experiences any issues, Infant Optics seems to be very responsive and will send you a replacement unit promptly.

In conclusion, the DXR-8 is one of the most reliable and affordable non-WiFi monitors available today. It may look a bit outdated from an aesthetic perspective, but its performance and features make it a great option for any parent.