The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor Right Now

Advanced technology has given us so much lately. There are lots of baby monitors that have some amazing features, and the newest ones are currently getting released with some really cool stuff. One of the features that many baby monitors miss on, though, is the split screen. It’s very good to have a split screen so you can view the cameras simultaneously, and for when you need to include two or more cameras with your baby monitor.

Here in this post we’re going to take a look at the baby monitors that are the absolute best this year. This could be among the greatest choices for you, if you’re going to want a split screen baby monitor to track two rooms. Let us go through some of the monitors below. Just keep in mind that there are other top rated baby monitoring systems out there with no split screen features. But if you’re specifically searching for a video baby monitor that does this, these are the top there are.

Device NameWeightMax RangeMax Cameras
Project Nursery 5″ HD (Editor's Choice)9.6 ounces800 feet4 Check Price
Summer Infant Dual View2.7 pounds600 feet4 Check Price
Motorola MBP 36s-22.7 pounds590 feet4 Check Price
VTech VM342-28 ounces1,000 feet4 Check Price
Samsung SEW-3043W BrightVIEW HD6.4 ounces900 feet4 Check Price

#1 The Project Nursery 5″ HD Baby Monitor System

For the price, you would expect this to come with all the whistles and bells just like the old DBPower split screen system did, and I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Let us take a look.

Similar to the DBPower Resolution and Split Screen Cameras

While the resolution on the screen of this baby monitor itself is good, it won’t be as good as the Nest Cam or your mobile phone.

Just the same as with the cameras on the DBPOWER system, these will arrive paired with the monitors. All you will need to do is place them where you want and flip them on. This means there isn’t any network needed that protects your baby monitor system from hackers.

Secondly, also similar to the DBPower system this has the most important “Split Screen” feature. You can install up to 4 cameras on these dual screen baby monitors and it will cycle through them or you can have them all setup on the same screen. If the unit is turned off, it will turn itself on if it finds any movement or sound.

You may also put an SD card into this record and unit video.

Another feature that sets this baby monitor apart from the others is the menu interface. It makes things easy to operate and is easy to utilize the features. This is a big plus if others will be watching your babies (like caregivers, friends, or relatives) for a brief time. You can show them how to use it in just a few quick seconds.

With its ease of use and setup, this model is among some of the top around.

#2 The Summer Infant Pixel w/Dual View Support Video Baby Monitor

This is the famed summer baby monitor. Their products tend to be pretty great and dependable. This is among the very best and one of the newest arrivals (newly released) with a split screen.

There aren’t many baby monitors out there like this one. This model includes one parent unit and 2 cameras. However, you can view four cameras if you choose to add the max of 4 cameras to this screen.

This has high quality video that is pretty clear as well. This baby cam has received good reviews from other users as well.

This is among one of the top systems with regards to the overall cost and quality of the screen.

#3 The Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP 843-2

The MBP843-2 is a two camera system which can be upgraded to 4 cameras. It is easy-to-use and has a picture that is consistent at around 600 feet with night-vision that is pretty good. It’s tough to discover this combo in different models, and I feel it is worth its weight in gold.

This Split Screen Motorola System Features Dual+ Cameras With the Baby Monitor

Featuring dual+ cameras (can be upgraded to 4 ) this Motorola system is great for lots of coverage. If you’re monitoring your children in two rooms you can have one on a bigger display along with the other “in image” display. Gotta love that!

Ever since the DXR-8 came into play, we’ve seen many units that can show up to four cameras on each display. This one from Motorola is no different. This may sound a bit much on a 3.5″ display, but you can plug the receiver to a TV or DVR for better split viewing. There’s also the option many of you would like, of toggling between cameras on a delay.

The Motorola system has pan, tilt, and zoom. Thus, the cameras don’t have to be fixed to a wall and you can carry them. The range is 600 feet, which is much better than other premium video monitors.

The monitor has a temperature index that’s a great plus in my opinion. I think it’s far better to have the option and not use it than to be without.

The drawback with this split screen model from Motorola is it burns through batteries. Battery life degrades as all of us know from our phones. The fantastic news is that the power cable is extra long so it can run to a far off outlet for charging.

In addition, you must know the Motorola MBP 36S-2 isn’t wireless. If you are concerned with the safety of WiFi monitors this might be good news. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

#4 The VTech VM321-2 Split Screen Baby Monitor

You’ll find that all the boxes will be ticked by the Vtech VM321-2 if you’re searching for a camera system perfect for several children or twins.

Different Vtech Split Screen Based Baby Monitors for Your Babies

Let’s talk about an issue near and dear. The different versions of baby monitor use DECT 6.0 digital safety. This means that you don’t have to access the internet. So this means your feed isn’t going to be hacked. Period.

Also, it is a very long range system. The standard for most models of baby monitors is about 500 feet so the VTech VM321-2 is ideal for those who need that extra range. In addition, it means that you can monitor your infants and can venture out to the backyard without any worries.

The cameras for this baby monitor also work well in rooms that are dark — which is the case of many nurseries (some for as long as 16 hours per day)! There are LED sensors that switch over to night vision and will detect lighting. The image is clear, although you should be aware that this is black and white.

You can add this baby monitor system and another 2 cameras. By cycling through the cameras every five seconds, it operates well. It’s not voice activated in this mode.

The system functions on your main power and batteries. Parents have been discovering that the batteries last for about 6 hours before needing a recharge; that’s a good return for a system like this. When you plug into the main power the batteries recharge.

The main disadvantage with the VM342 is that it isn’t able to tilt, zoom, and pan.

Toddlers who you’ve moved to their toddler bed might be able to escape the shot of the camera if you don’t have it angled correctly.

Since it’s protected from any hackers, we like the Vtech VM321-2 baby monitor and the other fantastic features which you are getting for a budget price. Definitely worth what it costs.

#5 The Samsung SEW-3057WN BrightVIEW HD Baby Video Monitoring System With Dual Screen Monitors

This is one of the highest rated baby monitor systems and a newer arrival to the game.

This includes a camera and a parent unit. You can purchase additional cameras if you would like to add more. This is among the top systems in the marketplace with IR, and also with the night vision HD panel screen that is crucial in a baby video monitoring system.

This is the first branded system from a business with a large 5 inch touch screen. This parent unit’s display is sharp and at HD quality. So you can see the image perfectly. According to many owners of this, the quality is excellent and clear.

Unlike previous versions, you don’t have any lighting on the baby camera, which can be disturbing for the child when they try to sleep. BrightVIEW has some great encryption so that your anonymity is protected from attacks, and so that it is as safe as can be.

It has a range that’s great enough to cover a house that is massive. So that it won’t break up in the middle of your house, the signal is very clear. A main feature is that this baby monitor is setup so that it doesn’t interfere with the WiFi signal. You can talk through the parent unit to your dear one with this system, and you can hear what’s happening in the room very easily. The sound is clear and crisp so that you can hear the snoring sound of your precious child.

That wraps up our top 5 best split screen baby monitors for the year. We hope you found one that fits your needs. If not, we have plenty more reviews (like the entire Levana line) for you to check out. So please feel free to stick around and read to your heart’s content. After all, you need to be 100% comfortable before you buy.